Our Policy

Our Policy


Operational Safety and Security 

Turkish Airlines’ (AnadoluJet’s) management, along with its employees, support and encourage voluntary reporting and feedback from every work level due to the priority given to security and safety in all its activities. Management hereby declares that voluntary reporting is non-punitive and provides the following principles: 

Quality and Customer Satisfaction 

Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet) has built its financial strength on national and international standards, legislation and regulations. It maintains its social, cultural, ethical and humanitarian values through productive management and an effective approach towards processes, the continuous improvement of service quality, and the management of customer satisfaction together with their employees, customers, sub-contractors, partners and shareholders. 

Occupational Health and Safety and the Environment 

Through compliance with legislation and regulations, Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet) aims to bequeath a liveable environment for the next generation by identifying risks to occupational health/safety and the environment, managing risk and providing sufficient, healthy and secure resources and sub-structure for its employees, the efficient use of natural resources, and the prevention of pollution. 

Information Security 

Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet) declares a commitment to the following issues; 

Social Responsibility and Employees 

Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet), due to its awareness of social responsibility, aims to participate in the society in which it operates beyond its commercial interests. 

This policy is manifested through its employees who have full awareness of the values being put forward through their work and the regulations to be followed. They adopt the company values as their own, work to solve problems, share knowledge, willingly participate in teamwork, aim to improve and are always ready to take part in every kind of physical, medical or mental challenge.



At Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet), safety is the number one priority at all levels of the organization. Safety is an indispensable asset, an integral part of Turkish Airlines’ corporate values that is never compromised. Safety also plays a significant role in the provision of an efficient, effective and sustainable air transport operation. It is of utmost importance that all levels within Turkish Airlines offer a commitment in line with industry best practices and standards. 

Priority of Safety 

Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet) regards the safety of its organizational activities, stakeholders and the environment as the most important consideration. 

Management Commitment 

Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet) acknowledges the involvement of management as a key contributing factor to the overall safety of the organization’s operations. All accountable managers at Turkish Airlines are responsible for the continuous monitoring of safety trends, and to actively provide the necessary support and resources within their areas of responsibility in order to maintain and improve safety. 

Safety Management System 

Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet) continuously strives to achieve and maintain a healthy working environment for its employees and to provide the highest possible safety standards to all its customers. In order to achieve these goals, Turkish Airlines has developed a Safety Management System (SMS) that actively involves all levels of the organization’s operations. The core of Turkish Airlines’ SMS is to continuously monitor, identify, manage, reduce, or eliminate detectable or foreseeable hazards through a systematic and data-driven approach. This enables Turkish Airlines to minimize its exposure to risk and to address potential future challenges, while fulfilling its safety responsibilities to the highest standards. 

Safety Culture 

Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet) fosters and encourages a safety culture that includes flat, just, adaptive, committed, informed, learning, and reporting cultures among all managers and employees. It is of the utmost importance to increase the awareness of the role of safety within all activities and the resulting responsibility of each individual. 

Adoption and Development of Safety and Quality Standards 

With regard to national and international requirements, Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet) aims to continuously develop safety and quality standards that exceed industry best practices.


Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet) hereby declares its Quality Policy to bring its employees, customers, suppliers, affiliates, and all its business partners and shareholders together to meet a common goal for its future, which will be achieved in accordance with national and international legislation and standards as well as the principles of commercial ethics along with the Company's mission and values in domestic and international lines, scheduled and unscheduled commercial passenger and cargo air transportation services, training services design and presentation activities with an approach of Total Quality. 

It complies with the relevant standards, obligatory national and international aviation rules and legal and other conditions within the scope of quality management. It utilizes the appropriate methods and the best possible technology and resources with the participation of all its employees in order to fulfill its purposes and targets. Within the processes, it monitors process performances via adopting the principle of managing with targets and continuously improves its processes. 

Searching for Perfection in Service 

Every level that we have reached in our activities is merely the starting point for a new search for perfection. 

Giving Priority to Safety and Security in All Our Activities with an Awareness of the Value of Life 

Our well-equipped human resources strive for perfection with adequate facilities and advanced technology to ensure flight safety and security. 

Displaying a Customer-Focused Approach 

By taking cultural variety into consideration, efficient service is provided through the accurate assessment of the present and future expectations and needs of our customers. Customer satisfaction, recommendations, and complaints are thoroughly evaluated. 

Creating a Difference Through Our Employees 

Service is provided by our employees, who are aware of their ultimate impact on customer service, who adopt the corporate values, who produce solutions, who share information, who participate in team work and who continuously improve themselves. 

Making Use of Advanced Technology 

Technology that can provide an advantage over our competition is utilized. 

Managing Resources 

Provides all the necessary resources to ensure operational safety, security, and quality at the highest level and uses them appropriately. 

Maintaining a Widespread and Well-Built Flight Network 

Strives to be one of the world’s leading airlines with respect to its flight network, distance and hours, passengers and cargo quantities, aircraft fleet, and range of destinations. 

Sustaining the Global Airline Identity 

The product and services that have been provided and supplied are identified, audited and administered in light of the concept of sustainable quality. 

Being Prominent in the World of Civil Aviation 

An active and conspicuous role is performed in the management, activities and decision-making of national and international civil aviation organizations. 

Acting with Awareness of Social Responsibility 

Full support is given to projects that provide social benefits to education, culture, art, history, the environment, sports, and humanitarian support by providing resources directly or indirectly. 

Collaborating with Our Business Partners 

We work together with our agencies, shareholders, sub-contractors, and other investors for sustainable profits and the worldwide and continuous growth and success of our company in the long term. 

Increasing Efficiency and Productivity 

We aim to reach our targets in all our processes through the use of appropriate resources and at the first attempt. 

Complying with the Quality Management System and Continuously Improving Its Effectiveness 

Opportunities to improve the system are created through continuous review and a quality-focused, systematic, and well-defined approach to our organizational structure and activities.


Security Policy 

Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet) hereby declares its Security Policy to ensure security and the constant improvement of operational conditions during the course of its activities. These include passenger transportation, cargo transportation, and training conducted according to national and international regulations and standards. 

To Ensure Operational Security 

Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet) develops and implements processes to prevent acts of unlawful interference that may occur on the ground or during flights and establishes security objectives and security performance standards. While implementing these processes, Turkish Airlines provides a periodic policy review to ensure continuing relevance to organizational needs and to the requirements of security performance standards. 

Management of Security-Related Activities 

Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet) ensures a clear statement of the organization's security objectives and the measures taken in order to conform to security regulations. It executes its corporate security management system to provide security to all its activities with constant improvement. 

To Determine Security Responsibilities 

Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet) determines the responsibilities of its employees regarding security-related issues and ensures a commitment to security from senior management as a fundamental priority throughout the organization. 

To Identify Security Vulnerabilities and Risks 

Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet) provides assistance to all its employees to identify and prevent vulnerabilities and risks that may occur as a result of the interaction between people, machines, the environment and duties. 

To Provide the Highest Level of Communication 

Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet) promotes a just culture where the flow of information and communication is carried out objectively between senior management and the employees in order to support all activities. Communication should be executed in a secure manner, including non-punitive reporting procedures to encourage the reporting of any inadvertent human error. 

To Establish and Promote a Corporate Security Culture 

Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet) ensures that all necessary arrangements are made to establish and improve a “Corporate Security Culture”. It promotes activities to increase security awareness and to make security an integral part of the corporate management system. 

To Provide Necessary Resources for Security 

Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet) ensures the provision of the resources necessary for the successful implementation of the security policy.


The Senior Management of Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet) declares its Occupational Health and Safety Policy in order to bring together its employees, customers, suppliers, affiliates, all business partners and shareholders for the same purpose. 

Abiding by the Rules 

Complies with international aviation rules along with national, legal and other regulations on occupational health and safety issues. 

Considering People while Growing, 

Uses equipment and organizations that have the minimum risk level while planning new investments, expanding the fleet, and raising the technological infrastructure level by considering the health and safety of its employees, customers, suppliers and subcontractors. 

The Company Management believes in the importance of working in a safe and healthy environment, and that this is a part of the Company's success. 

Employee Participation and Communication 

Ensures participation of all the levels of the organization in the improvement of occupational health and safety performance. Realizes activities in order to support the improvement of occupational health and safety culture via increasing knowledge and awareness of employees regarding occupational health and safety. 

Establishes an open dialogue regarding occupational health and safety with employees and suppliers for current and future activities. 

Resource Procurement 

Undertakes provision of resources necessary for implementation, maintaining and development of the established occupational health and safety management system. 

Managing the Risks 

Identifies all risks concerning occupational health and safety arising from its activities, develops action plans in order to minimize these risks and realizes activities for preventing occupational accidents and occupational diseases. 

Ensures continuity of monitoring of work environment and preventive medicine works. Establishes the necessary infrastructure for creating a healthy and safe work environment for personnel, subcontractors and guests. 

Determines probable emergencies in working areas and realizes preparation activities for all these scenarios. 

Controls that personnel taking part in critical functions are physically and medically fit to undertake their respective tasks. 

Carries out the procedures below in order to make no compromises regarding operational security and safety and to minimize the operational risks, with the awareness of human factor in the civil aviation industry: 

Improving Consistently 

Monitors and measures the occupational health and safety performance, and makes efforts to improve its performance in this area consistently by considering the good practices in the World as well. 

Fulfills the requirements of suitable management procedures by reviewing the policy continuously through the occupational health and safety targets and continuous development programs.


The Senior Management of Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet) hereby declares its Environmental Policy covering the design and presentation of the scheduled and unscheduled passenger and cargo commercial air transportation services in domestic lines, the in-flight services in international lines, and the training services in order to bring its employees, customers, suppliers, affiliates, and all its business partners and shareholders together around a common goal for its future, in line with duties and common values of the Company by considering the national and international laws and regulations as well as the commercial ethics, by focusing on total quality.

Abiding by the Rules 

It complies with the aviation regulations along with the national legal requirements, and the other national/international requirements on the environmental issues that it is liable to comply with. It aims to extend beyond compliance with laws by the environmental projects it supports.

Managing the Environmental Aspects 

It determines the environmental aspects of all its activities, products, and services, detects the environmental impacts, and develops action plans to decrease such impacts. It applies an improvement-oriented management system and methods to keep significant environmental aspects under control.

Minimizing Adverse Environmental Impacts 

It gives top priority to protection of environment while carrying out all its activities, products and services. It supports the fuel efficiency initiatives and takes measures to decrease the greenhouse gas emissions to decrease and eliminate the factors that may worsen the climate change.

It takes measures against noise pollution and wastes. It minimizes wastes by giving priority and support to the use and recovery of recyclable materials within the waste management process.

Considering People and the Environment while Growing 

It considers the life cycle approach while planning new investments in relation to its operation area, expanding its fleet, and upgrading its technological infrastructure.

Bequeathing an Habitable World for Future Generations 

It uses the natural resources effectively and efficiently as per the sustainability principle by considering the future generations that are its common assurance with its stakeholders; and places importance on biological diversity.

Developing along with Stakeholders 

It works to increase the environmental awareness of its own employees, and encourages their participations. It shares and spreads good environmental practices by making contact with all its stakeholders. It supports the sustainable products and services throughout the life cycle.

Improving Consistently 

It measures, monitors, reviews and continuously improves its environmental performance on a regular basis as per its environmental objectives. It ensures participation of stakeholders and all levels of the organization for the improvement of its environmental performance. It shares the information on its environmental performance with its stakeholders. It reviews, updates, and shares its Environmental Policy with the relevant parties periodically.


As Turkish Airlines (AnadoluJet) we lend ear to our customers without any economic expectation by providing communication opportunities through which our customers can deliver their expectations, complaints, suggestions and satisfaction in passenger transportation activity that we perform with a customer-oriented approach. We implement compensation methods to ensure customer satisfaction as well as evaluate feedbacks of our customers and produce solutions by considering national and international legal requirements, legislative requirements, civil aviation rules and documented information of the Company. 

We assess and manage the processes for understanding, identifying, analyzing, directing, providing solutions and notifying results to customers in the most accurate manner about customer complaints related to our operations with a customer-oriented approach in accordance with the principles of transparency, accessibility, responsiveness, objectivity, confidentiality and accountability, as well as we utilize such and information to ensure our continuous improvement. 

In accordance with the expectations and requirements of our customers, we continuously improve our processes by using the feedbacks received particularly from our customers and employees, as well as from all of our stakeholders and by providing all necessary resources to improve our products and services.

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