Copenhagen Konya Flight Ticket

Copenhagen Konya Flight Ticket

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Konya, home to different civilizations throughout its thousands of years old history, astonishes its visitors through its traditional and spiritual texture. With its local flavors that treat people’s taste buds, centuries old historical heritage that carries people back in time, traditional bazaars, and many other beauties, get ready to explore Konya. The professional crew of AnadoluJet will accompany you in your Konya travel. AnadoluJet that serves with in-flight catering and expert cabin crew will offer you a safe and comfortable as well as pleasant travel experience in your Copenhagen-Konya journey.
With AnadoluJet that offers its passengers economic advantages thanks to the cheapest Copenhagen-Konya flight ticket prices, you can make a travel at affordable prices without compromising on your travel quality. In order to benefit from the safe travel opportunity and advantageous ticket prices offered by AnadoluJet, you should set the flight date first. After making your travel plan and setting your dates for going to and returning from the city, you can visit the “Search Flight” section of AnadoluJet. In the Search Flight section, you can prefer the one that suits you best among the flights that offer the cheapest Copenhagen-Konya flight ticket opportunity.
AnadoluJet always offers its passengers comfort and convenience. If you have not finalized the date of your travel to Konya yet, you can prefer one of the monthly flights by selecting the whole month in the Search Flight section. Thanks to AnadoluJet online ticket system, you can book your ticket easily online. Besides, you can check in with your online ticket again on the online system before going to the airport.
AnadoluJet always offers its passengers the best opportunities. In your Konya travel you will make with AnadoluJet, you can make a reservation on the online system before booking your ticket if you wish so. With the rate you will select on the online channels, you can benefit from the Copenhagen-Konya flight ticket reservation opportunity. The price of the ticket you have selected is fixed at the rate on your reservation date. In AnadoluJet, you can reserve your Copenhagen-Konya flight ticket anytime between 355 days and 72 hours to the flight. In this journey you will embark on from Copenhagen with AnadoluJet, get ready for an enchanting travel in Konya, one of Turkey’s very old cities. Konya awaits you with its natural beauties, rich cuisine, and cultural-historical texture!  


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How to go to Copenhagen Airport from City Center?

One of Denmark’s most dynamic transport centers, Copenhagen Airport attracts attention with its structure woven with modernism and civilization. Scandinavia’s largest airport, Copenhagen Airport is just 8 kilometers to the city center. From the airport you can get to easily from many parts of the city, you can fly to all corners of the world.


Metro is one of the most economical and fastest options to go to the airport from Copenhagen city center. The metro that is one of the most popular transport networks of the city will allow you to go to the airport directly from the city center and the surrounding districts. You can go to the Terminal 3 station by boarding a metro train in Copenhagen city center, and to the passenger entrance gate of the airport directly from that station.


It is possible to go to the airport from Copenhagen city center by bus 24 hours a day. You can go to Copenhagen Airport by riding the bus A that serves reciprocally between many points in the city center and the airport. After getting off the bus, which departs every 10 minutes, at the terminal 3 of the airport, you can enter the passenger reception lounge.


You can use taxi for a comfortable transport to Copenhagen Airport. The taxis you can find in many districts of the city 24/7 will allow you to arrive at the airport in as short a time as 20 minutes. However, let us specify that going to the airport by taxi is not much an economical option in Copenhagen. If you wish so, you can receive information on the average fare from the driver before getting on the taxi cab.

Car Rental

You can also benefit from the car rental service for a fast and comfortable transport from Copenhagen city center to the airport. From the firms that give a reciprocal service between their branches in the city center and the airport, you can rent a car in an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly package. Let us remind that you can rent a car more economically and advantageously when you make a reservation before your travel.

General Information on Konya

Konya, Turkey's largest city in terms of surface area, is also one of the most crowded cities of the Central Anatolia Region. In addition to hosting numerous other civilizations, this city was the capital of the Principality of Karaman and the Anatolian Seljuk Sultanate.

This land, which witnessed the life and teaching of Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi in addition to its own peculiar culture and historical texture, is also the city where Nasreddin Hodja lived. Konya, where you can find many traces of history, calls its visitors with its dynamic city life, Maulana Museum, natural beauties, and famous local tastes like oven kebab, meat bread, and sac arasi (a kind of pastry).

How to go to the City Center from Konya Airport?

Active since the year 2000, Konya Airport is on Konya-Ankara highway in Selcuklu. Located 20 km to the city center, domestic and international flights are performed at Konya Airport. Konya Airport, which allows you to go to many destinations in Turkey on direct or connecting flights, serves its passengers 24 hours a day every day of the year. There are various transportation options from this airport, which has a heavy air traffic due to its central position and frequent flow of visitors, to the city center and numerous other points in the city.


If you want to go from Konya Airport to the city center and many other points in the city rapidly and comfortably, you can use the taxi option. The taxis you can find easily in front of the exit gates of the domestic flights and international flights terminals every hour of the day charge the same price throughout all 24 hours. It takes 30 minutes on average to go to the city center from Konya Airport by taxi.


You can prefer Havas shuttle buses as a fast and economical option to go to the city center from Konya Airport. You can go to Konya city center by Havas shuttle bus that departs after deboarding of the passengers of each aircraft that has landed at the airport.

Car Rental

You can go to the city center through a private travel by benefiting from the options of renting a car meeting your needs from the car rental offices available at Konya Airport.

You can select a car in any segment from the car rental firms under the roof of Konya Airport.

What to eat in Konya?

Konya, which shows the Central Anatolian culture in its cuisine successfully, welcomes its guests with delicious meat dishes, soups, and pitas. This city, which offers an option for each palate, includes its own peculiar tastes. Konya cuisine is dominated by meat dishes and pastry. Pastries made of salted and salt-free flour types are mostly accompanied by animal source foods. Meat bread, Maulana pita, bicak arasi (a type of meat pita) are the best examples.

You can see the tastes like tirit, tandoor, arabasi soup, oven kebab, sac arasi, yogurt soup, kaygana, and batirik in the menus of the restaurants concentrated on local meals in Konya.

Where to stay in Konya?

There are many accommodation options in Konya that is regarded as one of Turkey's biggest cities. There are many alternatives ranging from boarding houses to 5-star hotels in Konya that will meet the accommodation needs of every budget. Konya hotels are concentrated in the city center in general. If you want to be near the city center, you can prefer the hotels in Selcuklu and Karatay. If you want to stay in a calm place, Meram region will help you.

Must-Do's in Konya 

Konya welcomes its visitors with its historical heritage, enchanting spiritual points, temples defying the ages, natural beauties, and delicious tables. In this journey you will take with AnadoluJet Copenhagen-Konya flight ticket, you will meet one of Turkey's spiritually and historically richest cities. Konya that enchants with its madrasas, museums, Sema rituals, and old bazaars awaits you for an unforgettable travel experience.

  • Visit the tomb of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi in the Mevlana Museum.
  • Watch the matchless Sema rituals in Mevlana Cultural Center.
  • Visit Karatay Madrasa and see the enameled tiles and stonework surviving from the Anatolian Seljuk Era.
  • Explore the deep-rooted, thousands of years old history of the city in Konya Museum of Archeology.
  • See the daily life articles like carpets, jewelries, kitchenware bearing the traces of the periods lived in the region in Konya Museum of Ethnography
  • Visit Sems-i Tebrizi Tomb and Sems-i Tebrizi Mosque.
  • Visit the thematic exhibitions in Konya Science Center. Do not forget to see the parts like open-air exhibitions, and the observation tower.
  • Taste the famous local flavors of Konya ranging from tirit to meat bread
  • Go on a journey into the depths of history in Catalhoyuk Neolithic Settlement.
  • Take a shopping tour in the Historical Bedesten Bazaar in Konya city center. Buy local outfits, delicacies, and hand-crafted products to your heart’s content.
  • Visit the historical mosques that are the most beautiful mirrors of the Seljuk and Ottoman eras. Make sure to see Aziziye Mosque and Thin Minaret Madrasa.
  • Visit Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden. Observe the butterflies brought from all over the world in the garden that includes a fauna composed of thousands of different plant species.
  • Have a day full of green in Meram Baglari. Have a picnic at the picnic site. Ride a pedalo on Meram Creek that enchants its visitors with its turquoise color.
  • Have an entertaining day in 80 Binde Devr-i Alem Theme Park!
  • Rest in lush green nature in Kyoto Japanese Park.
  • Walk around the historical Sille streets among the Anatolian Seljuk heritage
  • Visit Konya Tulip Gardens in spring.
  • Taste the organic fruits sold in Women's Bazaar.

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