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Book Copenhagen Flight Ticket

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Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and it virtually acts a representative of the North blended with civilization, The etymology of Copenhagen is derived from the Danish word "København" which roughly translates to "merchant's harbor'", however the city stands out not only in trade but also in culture, art, history and education. The cultural background of this city dates back to the Viking Age and it is quite well-rooted.

Copenhagen is nominated as the “happiest city in the world” almost every year and leads the way for a global understanding of urbanism with its safe and modern city life, advanced public transportation system, wide bicycle paths, green areas, wide roads and streets.

Copenhagen is one of the cities that reflect the Scandinavian culture in the best way possible and also draws attention with its intact architectural structures, and residential areas around the canal. You should definitely see Nyhavn District, Tivoli Gardens and the Little Mermaid (Den lille Havfrue) which are landmarks of this city, in which the climate is cold for most of the year.


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How to Transfer from Copenhagen Airport to Copenhagen City Centre

Rendered with civilization and modernism, Copenhagen airport has a perfect structure to represent the said modern aspect of the city. Copenhagen Airport is recognized as the largest airport in Scandinavian countries. It is very easy to reach the central points from the airport, which is only 8 km away from the city center.


The metro is one of the fastest and most economical means of transport to reach Copenhagen city center from the airport and it is commonly used by visitors. The metro runs every 4-6 minutes during the day and every 15-20 minutes in the evening.  The metro is located in Copenhagen airport Terminal 3 and you can catch it to get to the most central parts of the city.


Copenhagen Airport - city center buses serve their guests 24 hours a day. You have to choose the line you want among the ones indicated with different colors on the map. Line A buses departing from Terminal 3 every 10 minutes reach the most central parts of the city.


You can get from Copenhagen Airport go to the city center by taxi. It may last around 20 minutes to reach the city center by taxi depending on the traffic. However, it is hard to say that taxis are very economical in Copenhagen. 

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