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Book Cologne Flight Ticket

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Having taken great steps in the industry and trade since the Medieval Age, Cologne is one of the top German cities. Established by the Romans, Cologne also has a marvelous accumulation of history.

We can say that the city divided into two by the River Rhine is a perfect history book with its buildings from the Medieval Age, Roman city walls, quite narrow historical streets, museums, and cathedrals. Today, Cologne is an indispensable travel destination for travelers with its nightlife, shopping avenues, and the next generation museums and art galleries.


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How to go to the City Center from Cologne Bonn Airport?

Cologne Bonn Airport is a busy facility that hosts almost 9 million passengers a year. Cologne Bonn Airport, which is a hub for the regions surrounding the city, is rather valuable for transportation in the country. In Cologne Bonn Airport that serves the passengers with 2 passenger terminals and 3 runways, you can find anything a traveler may need, such as sales outlets, restaurants, conference hall, travel agencies, free Wi-Fi service, and observation terrace. It is very easy to go to Cologne city center from the airport that is almost 14 km to the city center.


You can use the rail system to go to the city center from Cologne Bonn Airport. The suburban trains departing from the airport will carry you to the city center and its surroundings. You can get to the central points in Cologne by the trains number S13 or S19.


You can get to Bonn central train station by taking the bus number SB60. When you are in the central train station, the trams number 66 and 67 will take you to the city center.


You can also go to the city center by taking one of the taxis meeting you when you leave the airport through the arrival gate. In Cologne, you may encounter heavy traffic during business hours. Therefore, you must pay attention to the time while preferring taxi transport.

Car Rental

You can also benefit from renting a car to go to Cologne city center and drive throughout your travel. You can receive service from the car rental offices in Cologne Airport.

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