Book Bursa Gaziantep Flight Ticket

Book Bursa Gaziantep Flight Ticket

Book the Most Affordable Bursa-Gaziantep Flight Ticket

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How to go to Bursa Yenisehir Airport from the City Center?

Established as a military base in 1944, Bursa Yenisehir Airport has been giving civil air transport service since 2000. 50 km to the city center, Bursa Yenisehir Airport gives service for both domestic and international flights.

Granted the Green Airport Establishment title by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Bursa Yenisehir Airport is also one of the airports that provide the disabled passengers with easy access. You can go to the airport where you can find direct or connecting flights to numerous destinations in Turkey and the world from the city center easily.


You can prefer the taxi option to go to Bursa Yenisehir Airport from Bursa city center rapidly and comfortably. The taxis you can find 24 hours a day almost everywhere in Bursa charge the same rate every hour of the day.


There is also a bus network that provides easy and economical transfer to the airport from the city center. Departing from Bursa City Square, Burulas bus number 80 will help you with that matter.

Car Rental

If you are looking for a comfortable and private option for going from Bursa city center to the airport, you can use the car rental services. From numerous car rental firms in the city center, you can rent a car in any segment you want and travel as you like on your own travel route.

General Information on Gaziantep

One of the Southeastern Anatolia Region cities that attract most tourists, Gaziantep, a home to Mesopotamian and numerous Mediterranean civilizations, has been used as a settlement since the Paleolithic Age. It is flooded by domestic and foreign tourists for its wide-ranging culture shaped by its rich history, fertile lands, fascinating nature, and world-renowned cuisine.

Gaziantep, which has been granted the title of “Ghazi” for the struggle and heroism displayed by its citizens during the War of Independence, is also the city Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk had adopted as his hometown and been awarded the honorary citizenship during his visit.

Its rich cuisine culture, world-renowned tastes, and baklava for which Gaziantep has become a brand name make Gaziantep an indispensable flavor stop. Gaziantep, which has a considerable production power in the area of handicrafts, is the city where the trades in copperware and textile products are at their highest levels. One of the biggest cities of the Southeastern Anatolia Region with its crowded population and developed urbanization understanding, Gaziantep is also on the way to becoming one of the most important fortresses of Turkish economy with its industrial enterprises that produce for both domestic and foreign markets.

How to go to the City Center from Gaziantep Airport?

Serving with a terminal building that occupies an area of 22,800 square meters, Gaziantep Airport is located in Oguzeli district. Gaziantep Airport, where domestic and international flights are performed, has a car park for 520 vehicles to serve the visitors. There are transportation options to numerous points in the city from Gaziantep Airport that has been serving as renewed since 2006.


You can prefer the taxi alternative for a comfortable transfer from Gaziantep Airport to the city center. You can go to the city center by taxi you can find 24/7 easily in front of the exit gates of the domestic flights and international flights terminals. The distance between Gaziantep Airport and the city center is 30 km.


One of the most comfortable and economical options to go to the city center is Havas shuttle buses. The shuttle buses depart from Gaziantep Airport 25 minutes after the landing of aircraft.

Car Rental

You can also prefer the rent-a-car option to go from Gaziantep Airport to the city center and the neighboring cities as well as traveling in the city. You can rent the right car for you from numerous car rental firms at Gaziantep Airport.

What to eat in Gaziantep?

For the reasons such as its historical connections, its location on the Silk Road, and its position as a commercial center, Gaziantep has hosted different civilizations of numerous cultures. Therefore, Gaziantep cuisine is Turkey’s biggest cuisine with almost 300 different meals. When it comes to Gaziantep, the first things that spring to mind are baklava and kebab. Gaziantep baklava has been preserving its taste and flavor for long years thanks to its preparation and baking techniques handed down from master to apprentice. Gaziantep baklava has a special place in the global cuisine thanks to its special ingredients and preparation and baking techniques. In addition to baklava, the kebab varieties also reflect Gaziantep’s peculiar food culture. Gaziantep, which hosts 32 different kebab types such as quince, apple, frank, bagel, eggplant, cauldron, and bowl in addition to the well-known types, deserves the reputation it has gained for its cuisine.

Gaziantep cuisine is a blended and diversified cuisine for being in touch with different cultures for long years. It is virtually a paradise for food lovers for its different meatball varieties, pilaf types, delicious stuffed vegetables, and many other meat dishes in addition to kebab and baklava. Gaziantep is a cuisine and gourmet city with its dried food and spice varieties in addition to the abundance of its meal varieties. In the city where the tens of dinner meals, each one more delicious than the others, are added more flavor with different spices and cooking techniques, you can also try the tastes like stuffed meatballs, liver kebab, sheep’s head and foot soup, stuffed pepper, cigkofte, and lahmacun.

Where to stay in Gaziantep?

In Gaziantep, which is one of the most crowded and busiest cities of the Southeastern Anatolia Region, there are numerous accommodation options that meet the visitors’ budgets and tastes.

Those who want to see the culture, cuisine, and traditional bazaars of Gaziantep can prefer the hotels in the city center. You can make your holiday and visit more pleasant with the hotel you will select in line with your budget and the region where you want to stay. Those who want to stay under a clear sky and in fresh air inhaling plenty of oxygen may stay in the permitted places in the national parks, highlands, and forests, and add some thrill to their vacations.

Must-Do's in Gaziantep

Get ready for an unforgettable travel to Gaziantep with Bursa-Gaziantep flight ticket. Included in the “Creative Cities Network” by UNESCO, Gaziantep has one of the world’s richest cuisines. In addition to its flavors, historical texture and rich culture of the city also strike its visitors with admiration. Do not forget to have a look at our list of the things you must make sure to do for a pleasant travel in Gaziantep.

  • Tour Gaziantep Coppersmiths Bazaar. Purchase copper coffeepots, cups, and trays handcrafted by the masters for yourself or your beloved ones.
  • Witness the magnificence of history in Gaziantep Zeugma Museum. Make sure to see the Statue of Mars and the Gypsy Girl Mosaic.
  • Buy some spice in Zincirli Bedesten Bazaar.
  • Drink a relaxing coffee in Gumruk Inn.
  • Visit the “Museum of Gaziantep Defense and Heroism Panorama” in Gaziantep Fortress.
  • Taste the famous mortar-ground coffee of Tahmis Kahvesi.
  • Watch the unique nature of the Euphrates River and Merzimen Creek from Rumkale.
  • Observe the historical adventure of the local cuisine of the city in Emine Gogus Gaziantep Culinary Museum.
  • Taste famous Gaziantep baklava made with lots of pistachio.
  • Visit the historical Antep houses in Bey Neighborhood.
  • Examine the ancient heritage in Gorgo Medusa Archeological Glass Museum.
  • Enjoy a lush green park in Gaziantep Botanical Garden.
  • See the ancient statues displayed in Yesemek Open-Air Museum.
  • Take a nature walk in Kokluce Canyon.
  • Taste the famous flavors like simit kebab, kebab with eggplant, and lahmacun.
  • Buy Kahke pastry, watermelon seeds, pistachio, and hemp seed snacks.

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