Book Bursa Diyarbakır Flight Ticket

Book Bursa Diyarbakır Flight Ticket

Book the Most Affordable Bursa-Diyarbakir Flight Ticket

Diyarbakir enchanting with its historical texture awaits you to explore its natural beauties and rich culture! Moreover, it is very easy to obtain cheap Bursa-Diyarbakir flight ticket advantage with AnadoluJet. For the affordable Bursa-Diyarbakir flight ticket prices, you can make your transactions on the online system of AnadoluJet and fly safely with its specialist crew.

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How to go to Bursa Yenisehir Airport from the City Center?

Established as a military base in 1944, Bursa Yenisehir Airport has been giving civil air transport service since 2000. 50 km to the city center, Bursa Yenisehir Airport gives service for both domestic and international flights.

Granted the Green Airport Establishment title by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Bursa Yenisehir Airport is also one of the airports that provide the disabled passengers with easy access. You can go to the airport where you can find direct or connecting flights to numerous destinations in Turkey and the world from the city center easily.


You can prefer the taxi option to go to Bursa Yenisehir Airport from Bursa city center rapidly and comfortably. The taxis you can find 24 hours a day almost everywhere in Bursa charge the same rate every hour of the day.


There is also a bus network that provides easy and economical transfer to the airport from the city center. Departing from Bursa City Square, Burulas bus number 80 will help you with that matter.

Car Rental

If you are looking for a comfortable and private option for going from Bursa city center to the airport, you can use the car rental services. From numerous car rental firms in the city center, you can rent a car in any segment you want and travel as you like on your own travel route.

General Information on Diyarbakir

Diyarbakir, one of the cradles of the Anatolian and Mesopotamian civilizations with a history of 9000 years, is one of the outstanding cities of the Southeastern Anatolia Region with a population over 2 million. With its unique nature, enchanting history, architectural texture, rich cuisine, Diyarbakir City Walls, one of the world’s biggest city walls, and the Tigris River, this city is a real mosaic of cultures.

Diyarbakir plays an important role in Turkish economy from the aspect of agriculture with its fertile Mesopotamian soil and also hosts numerous archaeological researches carried out by national and international scientists. With its warm people and modern venues in the city center, it awaits domestic and foreign tourists.

How to go to the City Center from Diyarbakir Airport?

Diyarbakir Airport, built in 1952 and used for both military and civil purposes, is flooded frequently by visitors for business or tourism purposes. There are numerous fast and comfortable options for transportation to the city center from Diyarbakir Airport, which is approximately 7 km to the city center.


Taxi is a practical option for transportation to the city center from Diyarbakir Airport. You can go to the city center and the far points of the city by taxi you can find easily in front of the domestic arrivals gate 24 hours a day.


There is also the public transport option to go to the city center from Diyarbakir Airport. The municipality buses will help you with this matter. Z2 Airport - University bus departs from Diyarbakir Airport and serves on Zumrutkent, Urfayolu, Kosuyolu, University route.

Car Rental

With the car rental, which is a private option for going to the city center and traveling the city, you can have a personal transportation experience. You can receive car rental service from the car rental firms in Diyarbakir Airport, and make an online reservation to find the right car for you.

What to eat in Diyarbakir?

The gastronomic center of Anatolia, Diyarbakir welcomes its guests with a rich food culture. In the city where meals that are perfect in terms of both visuality and taste are available, the meat dishes are dominant. Since the city has conveyed its cultural tolerance to dining tables, the unity of numerous separate tastes ranging from the Armenian cuisine to Arabian cuisine on the tables is eye-catching. The "stuffed lamb ribs” is the first one of the original tastes of the city. The stuffed lamb ribs you can taste in numerous restaurants awaits being tried with its excellent taste despite its laborious preparation.

The different tastes like “liver kebab", "bostana", "hillorik", "meftune", and "lebeni" constitute the other traditional meals of the city. The liver kebab that is identified with the city especially is one of the tastes the guests must try. After the liver kebab, the original taste of the city is continued by the kadaifi dessert. You can try these two tastes easily in the restaurants spread over the city. You can find an opportunity to eat in an authentic ambiance by selecting your dining venue from among the venues reflecting the historical textures.

On the tables, the meals are accompanied by appetizers prepared by blending different tastes. You can consume the appetizers decorated with spices and served chilled in general together with different tastes ranging from the snacks like wraps to traditional meat dishes. Diyarbakir tables where very greasy, bitter, and sour tastes are sought after are colored with giant watermelons and grapes peculiar to the region. The tastes like dried fruit leathers made of grape, cheese desserts, "halbur hurma", and "zingil” are some of the options addressing to dessert lovers.

Where to stay in Diyarbakir?

Hosting the traces of every era of the history, Diyarbakır stands out with large accommodation facilities, as it welcomes thousands of tourists every year. In the city center and the districts, it is possible to benefit from different options like hotels, apart-hotels, and boarding houses.

In Diyarbakir, the hotels in the city center are demanded more from the point of transportation and equipment. There are numerous options you can prefer from among the accommodation facilities that protect your budget with affordable price options. The hotels that are a short walk away from the sights to see like the Grand Mosque, Diyarbakir City Walls, and Hasan Pasha Inn are sufficient to meet their guests’ needs with numerous services like room service, car park, and wakeup call service.

Must-Do's in Diyarbakir

With Bursa-Diyarbakir flight ticket, get ready to travel to one of the cities where you can feel the historical texture most clearly. With its ancient city walls surrounding the city, architectural buildings, lush green gardens, valleys, and delicious local cuisine, Diyarbakir awaits you. You must definitely include in your exploration plan the things you must make sure to do for an unforgettable travel in Diyarbakir.

  • Start the day with a marvelous Diyarbakir breakfast in Hasan Pasha Inn.
  • Attend music recitals accompanied with strong tea in Diyarbakir Cultural Center.
  • Explore Diyarbakir Mansion, also known today as Ahmed Arif Museum, arranged in the memory of famous poet Ahmed Arif. Make sure to visit Cahit Sitki Taranci Cultural Center near the museum while you are there.
  • In the historical Surici, drink your coffee in an authentic ambient, and stop by Suluklu Inn.
  • Make sure that your travel plan includes St. Mary's Syriac Orthodox Church, Surp Giragos Armenian Church, Saint George Church, and Diyarbakir Great Mosque.
  • Get some fresh air in Hevsel Gardens, which is the largest bird sanctuary in the Southeastern Anatolia Region and included in UNESCO World Heritage List; enjoy history to your heart's content in Diyarbakir Fortress.
  • Remember to eat Diyarbakir style stuffed lamb ribs with very foamy ayran.
  • Knowing that this city is legendary for its kebab and liver dishes, make the most of the venues in Surici.

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