Brussels Flight Ticket

Brussels Flight Ticket

Fly to Brussels at the Best Prices

With its historical heritage, spectacular palaces, shopping avenues, and delicious dishes, Brussels awaits you! AnadoluJet will accompany you with the most affordable Brussels flight ticket opportunities in your exploration of Brussels, one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. Get ready for an unforgettable travel with AnadoluJet Brussels flight ticket.

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In addition to safe and comfortable flights, AnadoluJet offers its passengers the economical travel opportunities with its online services. You can reserve a flight within the range of dates you want to visit Brussels on the online ticketing section of AnadoluJet if you wish so. With Brussels flight ticket reservation, you can benefit from the most affordable flights. Your flight ticket reservation in AnadoluJet is fixed within the transaction period. You can make your reservation no earlier than 355 days and no later than 72 hours to your flight. Get ready for a fabulous travel in Brussels, the heart of Belgium, with AnadoluJet!


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General Information on Brussels

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is one of the cities which come to the fore through the diplomacy filed in Europe as it hosts the European Parliament and NATO. Brussels is considered the capital of Europe due to the said mission and it has a quiet, organized and systematic city life.

Brussels was occupied in world wars. However, it managed to make itself known in the political and financial arena with breakthroughs made in 1960s. The indispensable for international fairs and conferences, Brussels is an ideal travel destination waiting to be discovered with its historical architectural structures and deep-rooted culture.

Brussels is famous for its chocolates and waffles, making it distinguishable among other culinary destinations in Europe. Brussels attracts visitors from all over the world just for these flavors and it also offers high-quality coffee. Brussels generously hosts many places to visit. Grand Place (Brussels square) with its Manneken Pis, Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula and Brussels City Museum will definitely impress you.

How to go to the City Center from Brussels Airport?

Brussels Airport has heavy airport traffic and is located in Zaventem. The airport welcomes not only those who travel for diplomatic purpose, but also for business-related and touristic purposes. Unlike that of the rest of Europe, this airport, this airport is very close to the city and only 12 km away from the city center. Brussels Airport draws attention with its modern structure and services focused on the comfort of passengers and it has many options for easy transportation from airport to the city center.


Trains are the most preferred means of transportation from Brussels Airport to the city center being a fast and economical. Zaventem Train Station is on the ground floor of the airport and it allows passengers to reach North Brussels Station, Brussels Central Station and Brussels Midi Station. You can also opt for this means of transportation which will take you to the city center in 20 minutes.


Although rail transportation is prioritized in Brussels, buses can also help you to get from Brussels Airport to return to the city center. Line 12, which operates until 08:00 p.m. on weekdays, and Line 21, which operates after 08 p.m. every day, takes you directly to the city center.


You can make a quick and comfortable journey by taking a taxi at the exit of the arrivals hall. There are many unlicensed taxis in Brussels. In order to avoid unpleasant experience, you should prefer licensed taxis with taximeter.

Car Rental

You can easily rent a car to go to Brussels city center or its surrounding areas. To benefit from the best deals offered by many international rental companies at the airport, you can make a reservation for car rental before your flight to the country.

What to eat in Brussels?

The list of the foods to be tasted in Brussels is rather long. Brussels cuisine is full of astonishing flavors that are worth exploring. One of the best ways to explore and understand a city is to taste its traditional dishes. Brussels cuisine includes numerous varieties of dishes that will appeal to everybody’s taste buds. Due to the population change that took place throughout the years, it is possible to find dishes from different countries of the world almost everywhere in the city. Let us tell you that you will see Turkish restaurants very frequently in Brussels streets. However, we suggest you taste the outstanding famous dishes of the city in addition to these flavors in your Brussels travel.

Mussel always tops the list of the most famous dishes of Brussels. Brussels cuisine is very rich in seafood. The kinds of pasta, pizzas, and soups made with mussel are rather successful. However, to taste the real flavor of mussel, you should try fried mussels served with cream sauce. Another famous flavor you will see frequently in Brussels is French fries. It is known that there are over 2 thousand businesses in the city, which sell only French fries. Various sauces are added to this flavor you can consume even as a snack while walking.

You can add the boulet meatballs, stoofvlees beef stew, steak tartare, and cuberdon, which are definitely included in the menus of Brussels restaurants, to your list of the flavors to be tasted. When it comes to flavor exploration in Brussels, do not forget to taste the Belgian Waffle, one of the world’s most famous desserts, Belgian chocolate, and cuberdon candy.

Where to stay in Brussels?

Brussels, which is one of the most visited European cities by travelers, has rather rich options regarding the accommodation facilities. The historical premium hotels located in the heart of the city, economical boutique hotels from which you can access the means of transport easily, and many more await you for accommodation in Brussels. There are principal regions preferred for accommodation in Brussels. The most preferred one of these regions is undoubtedly Grand Place-Saint Gery, which is regarded as the heart of the city. This region that covers Grand Place and its surroundings hosts the most famous sights of Brussels. Therefore, we suggest you prefer Grand Place-Saint Gery for a comfortable and pleasant journey in Brussels.

The places you can prefer for accommodation in Brussels include Ixelles that is close to shopping malls and avenues, Europen Qarter to explore the modern life of the city, Saint-Josse-ten-Noode to be close to Turkish quarters, and Saint Gilles that attracts attention for its rich cultural texture. For more affordable accommodation in Brussels, we suggest you make a hotel reservation before your travel.

Must-Do's in Brussels

Get ready to explore Brussels that is famous for its spectacular historical buildings that have been resisting the time for centuries, entertaining festivals, museums, and street tastes. AnadoluJet will accompany you with a Brussels flight ticket in your journey to Brussels, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Its historical squares included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, delicious dishes of Belgian cuisine, tempting chocolates, and many other things await you in Brussels to be explored. You can make a good Brussels travel by having a look at our list of must-do’s.

  • Spend some time in Grand Place, the world-renowned city square of Brussels. Visit the historical buildings like Brussels City Museum and Brussels Town Hall encircling the square.
  •  If you visit Brussels in August, see the Flower Carpet Festival in Grand Place.
  • Visit Manneken Pis (Peeing Kid Statue) which is one of the icons of the city.
  • Take a splendid tour of the Royal Palace of Brussels. After touring the palace, do not forget to spend some time in Brussels Park immediately next to the palace.
  • Go to Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, the most famous shopping center in the city. Go for a pleasant shopping tour from the world-renowned stores to souvenir shops.
  • Buy Belgian chocolate and cuberdon candies from the most famous candy stores in Brussels.
  • Visit St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral that is attention-grabbing for its Gothic architecture.
  • Have dinner with cityscape in the restaurant on the top floor of the Atomium Monument.
  • Explore the funny collection of Belgian Comic Arts Museum.
  • Witness the adventure of Belgian chocolate in the Chocolate Museum.
  • Spend some time in the most stylish cafes and restaurants of the city, which encircle Grand Place. Taste the world-renowned flavors of Brussels. Do not forget to taste the mussel dishes in particular.
  • See the miniatures of Europe’s most famous buildings in Mini Europe Museum.
  • Have a day in the company of excellent flower scents in Cinquantenaire Park.

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