Bremen Antalya Flight Ticket

Bremen Antalya Flight Ticket

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Are you ready to explore Antalya renowned for its enchanting nature, popular holidays destinations, dynamic nightlife, and ancient heritage? You can go to Antalya rather economically with the advantages of AnadoluJet. Utilize one of both comfortable and economical flight options of AnadoluJet and set off for Antalya from Bremen now.
In the flight that will carry you to Antalya, the specialist cockpit crew and in-flight catering of AnadoluJet will accompany you. Moreover, the most affordable Bremen-Antalya flight ticket advantages will meet you for the safe and comfortable flights of AnadoluJet.
When you book your tickets for the days when your flight date is flexible, especially a certain period before your travel date, you can find economical flight ticket advantages in AnadoluJet. Therefore, you can consider the most affordable Bremen-Antalya flight options of AnadoluJet a certain period before your travel date. You can make an economical flight by booking the cheap Bremen-Antalya flight ticket at a certain time before your travel. By making mobile check-in with your Bremen-Antalya flight ticket you have booked online before you come to the airport, you can minimize your waiting time at the airport.
If you wish so, you can also reserve your flight ticket in order not to miss the opportunities. The ticket fare offered for the flight you have chosen by making reservation through online channels is fixed for the periods set to book the ticket. You can take action now for Bremen-Antalya flight ticket reservation you can make anytime between 355 days and 72 hours to the flight.
You can book cheap Bremen-Antalya flight ticket from AnadoluJet on the online ticket system and check in through the online system before going to the airport. Buckle up for a pleasant and economical travel; we go to explore Antalya!


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How to go to Bremen Airport from City Center?

One of Europe’s popular port cities, Bremen plays a significant role in the national economy with its industry and marine trade. Opened in the year 1910 for military test flights, Bremen Airport has been serving as the country’s most important hub since 1950 when it was opened to civil flights. At the airport that serves with a single terminal building, reciprocal flights are performed to and from different geographical regions of the world every day.

Bremen Airport that includes three separate sections in a single terminal building contains numerous service areas such as passenger lounges, various stores, cafés and restaurants, ATMs, information and car rental offices. You can go to Bremen Airport that is 3 kilometers to the city center easily from many parts of the city.


The tramline tops the list of the most preferred means of transport to go to the airport from Bremen city center. There are numerous tram stations in the city center from where you can go to Bremen Airport directly. You can go to the airport quickly by riding one of the trams departing from the tram stations in the city center for the airport.


Another alternative you can use to go to Bremen Airport from the city center is bus. By riding the bus number 52 departing from the city center, you can go to Bremen Airport directly. The buses that depart every half hour will allow you to go to the airport from the city center within 20-25 minutes on average.


You can use taxi for a comfortable and fast transport to Bremen Airport from the city center. By taking one of the taxis you can find at numerous points of the city, you can go to Bremen Airport from the city center 24 hours a day. Since the airport is rather close to the city center, you can go there in a short time.


You can utilize car rental service for a comfortable and private transport to Bremen Airport from the city center. There are numerous world renowned car rental firms in Bremen city center. If you wish so, you can rent the vehicle that suits your budget best from these firms on hourly or daily basis. Bremen Airport is rather near the city center. Therefore, you can go to the airport even by renting a bicycle at various points in the city center.

General Information on Antalya

The most favorite holiday city of the Mediterranean Region, Antalya stands out with its unique nature, rich history of thousands of years, coves, and Blue Flag beaches. Antalya that hosts the natural wonder holiday destinations like Belek, Kas, Alanya, and Side in addition to the ancient cities like Aspendos, Olimpos, and Simena, is a perfect center of attraction with its long summer season.

With its streets and avenues decorated with palms, internationally awarded marina, hotels that offer options for each budget, and colorful entertainment life, Antalya is a city that has a never-ending energy.

In addition to summer tourism, the city stands out with Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival as well as beach volley, triathlon, golf, archery, tennis, and ski contests. Antalya is flooded by visitors for the congresses, fairs, exhibitions, and the music, theater, etc. events organized within the year.

How to go to the City Center from Antalya Airport?

Connected to the city center with D400 Highway, Antalya Airport was opened to air traffic in 1996. This airport continues to serve as Europe's 12th busiest airport today. Located 13 km to the city center, Antalya Airport is one of Turkey's airports that welcome most foreign tourists. Antalya Airport that gives all its guests a high quality service with the Lounges, Duty Free shops, and food courts welcomes 5 million passengers a year.

Antalya Airport that is 57 km to Kemer, 200 km to Kas, 125 km to Finike and Alanya, 229 km to Kalkan, and 65 km to Manavgat also brings together the firms that give transfer service for numerous regions of the city under its own roof. Antalya Airport that offers numerous options to its guests to go to the city center from the airport easily is very successful in terms of transportation.


One of the alternatives you can select to go to the city center from Antalya Airport is taxi. You can go to the neighboring districts easily by taxi you can find 24 hours a day in front of the domestic and international flights arrivals terminals exits.


One of the public transport alternatives to be used to go to the city center from Antalya Airport is the municipality buses called Antobus. You can get on the bus number 800 to go to the city center from the airport.

By riding the bus number 800, by which you can go from Antalya Airport to the city center, you can go to the centers like Kardes Kentler Boulevard-Ermenek-Rauf Denktas Avenue-Guzeloba-Barinaklar Boulevard-Metin Kasapoglu Avenue-Cebesoy Avenue-Dogu Garaji-Fahrettin Altay Avenue-Old Cemetery-Old Bus Terminal-100. Yil Boulevard-AKM-Migros-Ataturk Boulevard-Health Directorate-Gursu-Sarisu. 


With Antray that is the public transportation alternative you can use to go from the airport to the city center in the fastest way, you can travel on Fatih-Square-Airport line. Through this line, you can reach the central parts of the city easily. 


Havas shuttle buses is one of the important alternatives in transfer from Antalya Airport to the city center and holiday resorts. Havas that is preferred frequently departs from the front of the domestic flights terminal. The international flights passengers who want to use Havas shuttle buses that depart separately for all domestic flights can pass to the domestic flights terminal.

Car Rental

If you prefer a private means of transportation, the car rental is the most comfortable option. From Antalya Airport that includes the world-renowned car rental firms, you can go to the city center or the holiday resorts.

What to eat in Antalya?

In Antalya that has fertile lands, there is a rather developed agricultural production. One fifth of its large lands is reserved to agricultural production. Since Antalya Plain offers a rich diversity, the city has a vegetable-dominated cuisine. Although a mixed cuisine culture, into which samples from the global cuisines have been added under the influence of tourism and the foreigners, mainly Russians, who reside in the city, has developed, the local recipes still take an important place in Antalya. Besides, the Cretan meals in which the herbs are at the forefront enhance Antalya cuisine.

Among the authentic tastes of the local cuisine you must try absolutely, “tahini Antalya piyazi” made of tahini produced of local sesame and Candir haricot bean, an authentic appetizer “hibes” made of tahini, garlic, lemon juice, ground red pepper, and water, Antalya’s famous “serpme pastry” made of very thin filo pastry, “tahini pumpkin dessert” that is made to a recipe a little different compared with Turkey’s other cities and has a unique tissue, famous “yaniksi ice cream” of Korkuteli made of goat milk, and many types of jams that include the ones made of even the unusual ingredients like eggplant and watermelon can be mentioned.

Those who like seafood must try white grouper stew absolutely. You must not return without eating blue crab on chargrill on the way between Demre and Beymelek, spit roasted lamb or kid and tray kebab in the highlands, meatballs and haricot bean salad in Aksu. You can also taste “Burdur shish” of Burdur that is the city neighboring Antalya.

Where to stay in Antalya?

There are numerous alternatives that address to every budget and taste in every point of Antalya that is the capital of tourism. Antalya that welcomes not only those coming for the “sea-sun-sand” holiday but also the visitors coming for trekking, mountain climbing, extreme cycling sports, camping, tableland tourism, ski tourism, archeology and culture tours, gastronomic travels, and sometimes brief business travels includes numerous hotels, motels, boarding houses, and camping sites in all its districts from Kas in the west to Alanya and Gazipasa in the east.

Since it is possible to go swimming even in the city center in Antalya, there are hotels and boarding houses that meet different budgets as well as numerous luxurious city hotels in the city center. You can find “all inclusive” service in hundreds of luxurious hotels and holiday resorts established in wonderful nature, among pines in the outer districts and localities like Alanya, Belek, Manavgat, Beldibi, Tekirova, Camyuva, and Kemer as well as stylish boutique hotels and affordable cute boarding houses in the districts and localities like Kas and Kalkan.

Those who look for more authentic, calm, and alternative accommodation options can have a holiday in touch with nature by utilizing the “bungalow” type accommodation options in the villages and localities like Cirali, Olimpos, Adrasan.

Must-Do's in Antalya

Antalya travel awaits you with its natural beauties, entertaining nightlife, and holiday destinations enchanting with their deep-blue coves! When you arrive at the city center from Antalya Airport with Bremen-Antalya flight ticket you will book from AnadoluJet, you will feel that you will be met by wonderful tour sites. For an unforgettable travel in Antalya that meets its visitors with different beauties in all four seasons of the year, we have listed the things to do in the city for you. Here are the things you must certainly do in your Antalya travel:

  • In your Antalya travel, go to Kaleici (Old Town) in Muratpasa and explore the historical traces of the city here. Do not forget to stop by the cute cafés and do some shopping while you are there.
  • Tour Antalya city center, and make sure you visit Konyaalti and Lara. If you travel in spring or summer, do not forget to enjoy the sea on Konyaalti and Lara beaches.
  • Although it is a big city, Antalya is one of the rare cities that have always preserved their nature. While you are here, exploring the waterfalls is one of the best things to do. Duden Waterfall, Manavgat Waterfall, and Kursunlu Waterfall are always top three in the list of Antalya’s natural beauties you must definitely see. You, too, make a pleasant nature tour by adding these beautiful waterfalls to your Antalya travel plan.
  • Swim in the unique sea of Olympos and relax your spirit in its virgin nature. Take a brief vacation in enchanting atmosphere of Kas.
  • Visit the historical routes of Antalya, which is as strong as a history book, one by one. Make sure that your travel plan includes Aspendos, Patara Ancient City, Olympos Ancient City, and Termessos Ancient City as well as Perge Ancient City renowned for its closeness to the city center. Let us remind you that you can buy MüzeKart before your travel and visit the museums where this card is valid free of charge, in order to visit the museums economically.
  • Have an entertaining evening in the lively nightlife of Kemer.
  • Witness the city view from Alanya Fortress. You will be met by a wonderful view during sunset especially.
  • Take the cable car from Kemer, one of the most renowned holiday destinations in Antalya, to Mount Tahtali (Olympos).
  • Go to Koprulu Canyon National Park that offers a marvelous picture of nature and history. Participate in the rafting tours in Koprulu Canyon for an adventurous nature activity.
  • Witness the mysterious texture of Karain Cave, one of the biggest natural caves in Turkey.

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