Birmingham Flight Ticket

Birmingham Flight Ticket

Fly to Birmingham at the Best Prices

Birmingham, England’s second most developed and biggest city after London, welcomes millions of visitors every year. One of the country’s commercial and economic centers, the city awaits you with numerous buildings, museums, and attraction centers. In your Birmingham visit, AnadoluJet accompanies you with Birmingham flight ticket.

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General Information on Birmingham

One of England’s most visited cities, Birmingham has been one of the most important commercial centers of the country since the Medieval Age. Developed more with the Industrial Revolution, Birmingham is one of the cities where the influence of the modern industry is seen most clearly. In the city standing out with its modern urban life today, over 1 million people live. Birmingham is also renowned for its rich cultural structure. In the city where numerous international organizations carry out various cultural and artistic works, there are numerous theaters and operas. In Birmingham, which offers its visitors different experiences regarding the touristic routes as well, you can make a pleasant travel.

How to go to the City Center from Birmingham Airport?

Serving since 1939, Birmingham International Airport is one of the oldest airports of the country. The airport is located in the Solihull district of the city and 13 kilometers to the city center. The present-day passenger capacity of the airport, which is historically important for having been used by the Royal Air Force during the Second World War as well, exceeds 12 million a year.

All of the facilities and amenities in the airport, where numerous domestic and international flights are performed every day, have been arranged so as to meet all needs of the passengers. In Birmingham that has an advanced transportation network, there are numerous options to go to the city center from the airport.


The train line is one of the easiest and most economical ways of going from Birmingham Airport to the city center. By using the train line that is one of the most popular means of mass transport in the city, you can go to the airport directly. The train station is just next to the airport passenger exit gate. You can go to the city center in 15-20 minutes on average by train.


Another way of going to the city center from Birmingham Airport is to ride airport buses. The buses departing from the stop in front of the passenger exit gate constitute a rather good choice for a both economical and easy transportation to the city center. You can go to the city center in 20-25 minutes on average by bus.


Taxi is the number one choice for those who do not want to use mass transport to go to the city center from Birmingham Airport. You can go to anywhere in the city 24 hours a day by riding one of the taxis you can take at the taxi stand opposite the airport arrivals exit gate.

Car Rental

Another way of going to Birmingham city center from Birmingham Airport is car rental. You can receive this service from the car rental firms in Birmingham Airport. However, we should specify that this option is costlier than its alternatives. If you wish so, you can rent a car more economically by booking one over the internet before your flight.

What to eat in Birmingham?

Birmingham is a city known as the capital of the international cuisines. In the city that stands out with its restaurants that host numerous cuisines like Indian, Asian, and Japanese aside from the British cuisine, you can witness the flavor feast of many cultures. However, if you want to go to a restaurant where the traditional tastes of the British cuisine are served, the dishes we will recommend are as follows: The world-renowned coleslaw salad, the hotchpotch that is a traditional meat dish made with the vegetables like carrot and potato, the grilled cheese that is one of the most famous snacks, fish and chips, which are fried, and obviously the famous English tea, which is consumed after every meal, even before the meals, must be in your list of flavors to be tasted in Birmingham.

Where to stay in Birmingham?

Aston, Westside, Shopping District, Edgbaston, and Jewellery Quarter are the districts most preferred by the visitors of Birmingham to stay. These districts are also known as the attraction centers of the city. Numerous hotels and boutique hotels, restaurants, cafes, and historical buildings in these districts are the most effective reason why they have become tourists’ favorites. The common feature of these districts is that they are very close to mass transport and metro. Besides, when you prefer these districts for accommodation, you can also discover numerous popular touring sites of the city on foot.

Must-Do's in Birmingham

Birmingham is a city very rich in touring routes. One of the most visited cities of the UK, Birmingham awaits you for a pleasant travel with its both iconic and historical buildings and natural beauties. Remember to take a look at our list of things to do in the city to make your journey you will go on with AnadoluJet Birmingham flight ticket more pleasant and efficient!

  • Visit the Birmingham Library, one of England’s biggest libraries, which is conspicuous for its iconic building.
  • Taste the chocolates of Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory that produces the most delicious chocolates of Birmingham.
  • Visit the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, which is the center of culture and art in Birmingham and renowned for its antique treasures and Victorian collection.
  • Shop in the local shops in the Shopping District.
  • Go to the Soho House and explore the history of the city of Birmingham.
  • Have a pleasant day in the National Sea Life Centre, one of the most famous buildings of Birmingham, where you can see numerous sea creatures.
  • Taste the traditional custard and see how it is produced in the Custard Factory.
  • Let your taste buds enjoy a British cuisine feast in the famous restaurants of Birmingham.

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