Bingöl Flight Ticket

Bingöl Flight Ticket

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General Information on Bingol

Bingol, an Eastern Anatolia Region city renowned for its natural riches, has potential for tourism with its mountains, healing lakes, local cuisine, and rich history. Neighbor to Mus, Erzincan, Erzurum, Tunceli, Elazig, and Diyarbakir, this city is mentioned comprehensively and in detail in Evliya Celebi’s Travel Book. Bingol, rumored to be the place where Alexander the Great had found the fountain of life, is also important for the health tourism with the different species of herbs and plants and water sources available in its nature.

This city, which has the most fascinating sunrise view after the Alps, is also one of Turkey’s most convenient fields for numerous activities like hunting tourism, winter sports, and wild camping.

How to go to the City Center from Bingol Airport?

Put into service in 2013, Bingol Airport is 10 km to the city center. From Bingol Airport located in Celtiksuyu Village, regular flights are performed to Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Medina. There are various options to go from this airport, which is somewhat small, to both the city center and the neighboring cities and districts.


Taxi can be preferred as a comfortable and fast means of transport to the city center. You can go to the city center from Bingol Airport in 20 minutes approximately by taxi you can find easily in front of the terminal gate.

Shuttle Buses

The shuttle buses going to the city center from Bingol Airport are also preferred as a comfortable and fast transfer option. The shuttle buses that depart specially for each flight await you ready at the terminal gate after baggage claim.

Car Rental

You can go to the city center or the neighboring cities and districts as you like by car you will rent from the car rental offices available at Bingol Airport.

What to eat in Bingol?

Bingol cuisine, which is shaped by the local products, has the characteristic features of the Anatolian food culture. Bingol cuisine, which varies by season, is dominated by meat dishes in winter months while the vegetable dishes become prominent in summer months. In the food culture that is basically composed of bulgur, vegetables, meat, and dairy products, "gomme", which is peculiar to the region, is on the first rank. This meal cooked in a special earthenware pot is cooked by the local people in winter months especially.

Some of the meals special to the region are "ayran soup", "tutmac soup", and "mastuva". In addition to the meals, breads especially have unique qualities that make Bingol different from the other cities. It is possible to find the local breads special to the region in both the city center and the districts. Hotel Beritan in the city center is a good choice to try the local food of the region.

The tandoor bread baked in different parts of the city is renowned for its peculiar taste. You are recommended to eat this bread together with the local meals. For the local meals, you can prefer the venues like “Kiya Ev Yemekleri Restoran” where you have lunch and dinner. For breakfast, “Icemar” in Bingol city center is one of the breakfast venues where you can enjoy open buffet breakfast at the weekend and have a good time.

Where to stay in Bingol?

Visited by domestic and foreign tourists for its natural beauties, Bingol offers hotels and boarding houses for accommodation. In the city visited for winter tourism between December and March, the ski lodge with a capacity of 50 beds, located near the ski centers, is an ideal choice to stay in while it is possible to stay in different boarding houses and the district hotels depending on the region in summer months.

For the spa visits, there are numerous motels and boarding houses in natural beauties as well as the hotels that offer the facilities like swimming pool, restaurant, tea garden, and car park. Since it is only possible to go to Karliova Fortress Hill, which can be visited in July and August, by car from the city center, the tourists are recommended to stay in the hotels in the city center. It is possible to select one of the numerous hotels in the city center that appeal to different budgets. The tourists who want to visit various tourist attractions like Floating Island, which are attention-grabbing in terms of tourism, can stay in various hotels or boarding houses in the districts.

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