Berlin Flight Ticket

Berlin Flight Ticket

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General Information on Berlin

If it is about cosmopolitan cities, Berlin will definitely come to the fore being one of the largest cities in Europe with its 3.5 million inhabitants as well as cultural activities, active business world and vibrant city life.

With its renowned almost perfect public transportation system, Berlin stands out when it comes to nightlife, culture and arts. Apart from more than 180 museums in the city, plethora of bridges of various sizes, art galleries, food and beverage facilities for every budget, and huge streets embellish and color up the city.

Historic sites are the primary must-see tourist attractions of Berlin, which has a deep-rooted history. Berlin Wall, Berlin Cathedral, Reichstag, Museum Island can be listed as the landmarks of Berlin.

How to go to the City Center from Berlin Brandenburg Airport?

Berlin Brandenburg Airport with the 4th highest airport traffic in Germany is also known for its close proximity to the city center. There are different alternatives to reach the city center from Berlin Brandenburg Airport, which has smaller footprint compared to other European airports.


You can prefer buses for transportation from Berlin Airport to the city center. Buses 109 and 128 departing from Berlin Brandenburg Airport takes you to the central parts of the city. If you are after a faster access to the city center, Jet Express Buses TLX and X9 will take you to the Zoo Station (Zoologischer Garten) or Alexanderplatz.


You can also take a taxi ranked and available just outside Terminal A, C and E. It will be wiser to take a taxi from the designated taxi ranks so as not to be involved in any fraudulent act.

Car Rental

You can rent a car from the world's famous car- rental companies at Berlin Brandenburg Airport. You can also make an early online reservation to rent a car for transportation from the airport to the city and for your travel in the city.

What to eat in Berlin?

In Berlin, you will live rather dynamic days to the fullest. When you get hungry at this tempo, you do not need to think about what to eat. Because Berlin offers you numerous flavors for every palate. You can find numerous flavors from the world cuisines as well as the entire German cuisine in Berlin.

The most famous dish of Berlin is spaetzle, which is a kind of pasta. You can prefer spaetzle together with the main dishes. If you would like to go on with pastries, let us introduce you to pretzel. Pretzel is one of the world’s oldest snacks and is consumed very frequently in Germany. Königsberger klopse is Germany’s most famous meatball dish. This flavor preferred for dinner especially is consumed with special capers and lemon cream sauce. If you would like to eat a nice dessert after dinner, you must make sure to try Berliner Pfannkuchen.

Where to stay in Berlin?

In Berlin that hosts tourists every season, there are numerous accommodation alternatives. Mitte is the most preferred accommodation region in Berlin. Located rather centrally, you can go anywhere from Mitte quite easily. You can find numerous affordable accommodation alternatives here. If you would like to stay at one of the most popular points of Berlin, you can prefer one of the hotels in Kreuzberg. You can find numerous social areas in this region. Moreover, this region hosts a Turkish population of considerable size. In this way, you will not feel out of things in Kreuzberg.

Must-Do's in Berlin

If you have decided to visit Berlin, one of the most prominent cities of Europe, book a Berlin flight ticket and prepare a plan for a thorough journey. Berlin that occupies a quite important position in politics, education, and trade offer numerous beauties you must see. With the traces of history it bears, its colorful culture, and its dynamic city life, Berlin offers you the views you must see absolutely on every corner. And we have listed the sine qua non of Berlin for you.

  • Built-in the 1700s and one of the icons of Berlin since then, you must make sure to see the Brandenburg Gate. See this iconic structure, a survivor of the brought down Berlin Wall, and witness the history of the Cold War.
  • Explore the magnificent architecture of Reichstag used as Berlin Parliament Building. Only the glass dome of the building will be enough to enthrall you.
  • Visit Berlin Cathedral that is a gigantic work of art. This cathedral is a rather interesting building thanks to its unique architecture is one of the sine qua non of Berlin travel.
  • If you say “let’s go to the heart of the city and explore its squares”, visit Alexanderplatz, one of the most important places in Berlin.
  • After its fall, the part of the Berlin Wall located by the River Spree has been decorated with graffiti and is constituting a view that is worth seeing now. Go to the East Side Gallery, to see this beautiful representation of freedom.
  • Another touristic point remaining from the Berlin Wall is the Checkpoint Charlie. Go there and witness the marvelous transformation of Berlin.
  • If you want to take a break full of oxygen from your Berlin tour, visit Tiergarten Park and take a pleasant walk there.
  • Explore the Museum Island on the River Spree. Pergamonmuseum is the most famous museum on this island that is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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