Find Cheap Belgrade Flight Ticket

Find Cheap Belgrade Flight Ticket

Fly to Belgrade at the Best Prices

The capital of Serbia, Belgrade is a unique city for travelers thanks to its modern social life accompanying its traditional texture, entertaining nightlife, crowded avenues, museums, and historical heritage. In the city that completely deserves its title ‘Paris of the Balkans’, it is possible to make an entertaining travel at rather affordable prices. Explore Belgrade, one of the most pleasant cities of the Eastern Europe, with the privileges of AnadoluJet!

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The ticket fare offered for the flight you have chosen by making reservation through online channels is fixed for the periods set to book the ticket. You can take action now for Belgrade flight ticket reservation you can make anytime between 355 days and 72 hours to the flight. Come on, let the exploration of Belgrade start after a pleasant air travel.


360 km2



Serbian Dinar (RSD)




GMT+2 (Winter Time) - GMT+3 (Summer Time)


+381 - 011


General Information on Belgrade

The capital of Serbia, Belgrade is also the most developed and crowded city of the country. Belgrade, which is one of the Eastern European cities, is one of the top preferences of those who want to go on an affordable travel. With its dynamic streets, entertaining social life, and its modern architecture you can see side by side with the historical texture, Belgrade is a city that can meet every visitor’s expectations. In the city that is visited four seasons a year, the continental climate is prevalent. In the city, winter is rather cold and harsh while spring and autumn are warm and summer is hot.

The dynamic nightlife is one of the most famous features of the city. Especially, the summer is the season when the social life in the city is the most active. In the city where the food & beverage, transport, and accommodation alternatives are rather economical, you can see the historical heritage of the Ottoman era. Get ready for an entertaining travel in Belgrade that whets the appetite with its traditional cuisine!

How to go to the City Center from Belgrade Nikola Tesla International Airport?

Built as a military air base in 1910, Nikola Tesla Airport is one of the oldest airports in the aviation history. The airport that is located within the borders of the Serbian capital Belgrade has been one of the important hubs of the region since its opening to international commercial flights in 1972. The airport that is visited by passengers busily from the neighboring countries such as Germany, Russia, and Turkey as well as the Balkan countries welcomes approximately 5 million passengers a year.

Nikola Tesla Airport, which is Serbia’s biggest and busiest airport, contains two separate terminals for international flights and domestic flights. In the airport where all comforts for passengers have been considered, there are numerous service areas ranging from passenger lounges to stores, from ATM to cafés and restaurants. You have numerous alternatives to go to the city center from the airport that is 18 km to the city center.


Public transport is one of the alternatives you can have to go to Belgrade city center from Nikola Tesla Airport. There are bus and minibus shuttle services for transfer to the city center at all hours of the day and night from the bus station located at the airport. After landing at the airport, you can go to the city center by riding the minibus number A1 or the buses number 72 and 607 departing from the arrivals exit terminal. It takes 25-30 minutes on average to go to the city center from the airport by bus.


Riding a taxi in Belgrade is rather affordable. Therefore, taxi is one of the most preferred alternatives to go to the city center from the airport. You can go to all districts of the city by riding one of the taxis that wait for passengers in front of the airport’s arrivals exit gate 24 hours a day. However, let us inform you that taxis serve on the basis of 6 different districts and fares in Belgrade. If you wish so, you can tell the information desk at the airport baggage reclaim area where you want to go and request them to call taxi. You can check here the taxi firms giving service for different districts in Belgrade and the average fares for those districts.

Car Rental 

You can also rent a car instead of public transport or taxi for a more private and comfortable transport from the airport to the city center. Numerous world-renowned car rental firms give service in Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. If you wish so, you can receive the car rental service by booking a car online when you are in the airport or in advance even before your journey.

What to eat in Belgrade?

The Serbian capital Belgrade is a great city for gourmets. With its rich and crowded tables and hospitable people renowned for their treats, a travel experience full of flavor awaits you in Belgrade. The city that has hosted numerous different civilizations throughout its history has a rich cuisine culture that is a blended heritage from different nations. Belgrade, which had been ruled by the Ottoman Empire for long years, stands out with a cuisine that resembles Turkish cuisine. In fact, you can see the names well-known to all of us like burek (borek), sarma in the menus of the restaurants in the city.

Serbian cuisine that is actually a blend of different cultures is composed of a mixture of the Persian, Turkish, and Greek cuisines. The pastry flavors, one of the top success fields for the Balkans, are among the most beloved local dishes of Belgrade. Belgrade, which is rather rich in terms of food and drink options, is travelers’ favorite since its restaurants and cafés are rather affordable.

Some of the local flavors you must make sure to taste while you are in Belgrade are the famous phyllo pastry burek, famous Serbian kebab cevapcici, sarma, that is, stuffed grape and cabbage leaves, potato moussaka, another version of moussaka made with eggplant, karadjordje schnitzel that is the favorite of dinners, and ajvar, the indispensable sauce of dishes and salads. After tasting the local dishes of the city, remember to taste its famous walnut and apple dessert Tufahija and baklava varieties!

Where to stay in Belgrade?

Belgrade, which is visited by people from different geographical regions of the world every season of the year, has numerous accommodation alternatives. With its active social life, traditional architecture, and modern texture, Belgrade city center is rather dynamic in every season of the year. In the city that is more crowded in summer, most of the hotels and boardinghouses are reserved in advance. Therefore, if you too are considering to visit this city in summer, you can take precautions by making online reservation in advance, thus having a more economical stay.

In Belgrade, most of the famous touring sites of the city are located in the city center and at a walk distance to each other. Therefore, most of the hotel, boardinghouse, and apart-hotel options in the city are also located in the city center. You can find numerous alternatives ranging from luxurious hotels to boutique boardinghouses in Belgrade. You can prefer the hotels on the Knez Mihailova Avenue, at the Republic Square, and in the Skadarlija district that are popular for being near the famous sights and entertainment venues in the city center.

Must-Do's in Belgrade

For a travel experience full of entertainment in Belgrade, “Paris” of the Eastern Europe, AnadoluJet is beside you with Belgrade flight ticket! After your journey to Belgrade you will make with AnadoluJet, the activities each more enjoyable than the last will be waiting for you in the city. Get ready to explore Belgrade with its entertainment venues, local restaurants full of flavors, magnificent architectural buildings, and dynamic squares! Here are the must-do’s of a pleasant Belgrade travel:

  • Go on a shopping tour on the Knez Mihailova Avenue that is one of the most famous and crowded avenues of the city. Buy Belgrade souvenirs for yourself and your beloved ones.
  • Visit Kalemegdan, one of Belgrade’s most important historical buildings.
  • Explore the Skadarlija Avenue located in the “Old City” district of the city. Visit the boutique stores and take a lunch break in the restaurants standing out with their local flavors on this 400-meter long avenue.
  • Visit the Republic Square that is defined as the heart of the city. Visit Belgrade National Theater building located in this square.
  • Visit Nikola Tesla Museum established for the Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla.
  • Witness the history of the city in the National Museum of Serbia.
  • See the famous coastline Ada Ciganlija that is just 4 km to the city center.
  • Visit the Saint Sava Cathedral and the Saint Mark Church that are the important architectural buildings of the city. Observe the architectural details of the buildings.
  • Taste the famous dishes and desserts of Belgrade.

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