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Book Baghdad Flight Ticket

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The capital of Iraq, Baghdad is the second biggest city of the Western Asia. Established in the 8th century, and one of the most important cities of the Islamic world in terms of culture, commerce, and science in its most splendid days, over 7.5 million people live in Baghdad today.

Established on both sides of the River Tigris, the city had hosted numerous important civilizations ranging from the Abbasids to the Sassanids. Acquiring a strategic importance after its conquest by the Muslims in the year 634, the city continues to host some important heritages of the history, though it has gone through many wars and occupations at the present time.


202.4 km2




Time 26.02.2021
Friday / 03:29

Iraqi Dinar (IQD)




GMT+2 (Kış saati) - GMT+3 (Yaz Saati)




How to go to the City Center from Baghdad International Airport?

Located 16 km to the center of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, Baghdad International Airport is one of the busiest flight points of the region with a capacity of 7.5 million passengers a year. Baghdad International Airport is also the hub of Iraqi Airways, the national carrier of Iraq. Entered into service in the year 1982, the airport includes the amenities like ATM, hotel, masjid, store, café, and restaurant. There are numerous alternatives to go to the city center from Baghdad International Airport.


There are numerous bus routes from Baghdad International Airport to the city center. However, due to the transportation security deficiencies, the airport does not recommended using the buses.


You can go to the city center from Baghdad International Airport by taxi within half an hour. For a secure travel by taxi, we suggest you reserve your taxi in Baghdad International Airport. You can receive support from the information desk of the airport for this.

Car Rental

Rent-a-car is another alternative to go to the city center from Baghdad International Airport. You can rent a suitable car from the car rental firms in Baghdad International Airport to get to the city center securely and make your travel more comfortable.

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