Antalya Sarajevo Flight Ticket

Antalya Sarajevo Flight Ticket

Discounted Antalya Sarajevo Flight Ticket Prices

The capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the beautiful country in the Balkans, Sarajevo is rather famous for its both history and natural beauties. Sarajevo, which tops the list of the Balkan cities the travelers want to visit most thanks to its museums that can be visited at rather economical prices, impressive buildings, delicious dishes, and various advantages, awaits you with its impressive texture. 

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1,041 km2



Bosnian Convertible Mark (BAM)




GMT+1 (Winter Time) - GMT+2 (Summer Time)




How to go to Antalya Airport from the City Center?

Connected to the city center with D400 Highway, Antalya Airport was opened to air traffic in 1996. This airport continues to serve as Europe's 12th busiest airport today. Located 13 km to the city center, Antalya Airport is one of Turkey's airports that welcome most foreign tourists. Antalya Airport that gives all its guests a high quality service with the Lounge, Duty Free, and food courts welcomes 5 million passengers a year.

Antalya Airport that is 57 km to Kemer, 200 km to Kas, 125 km to Finike and Alanya, 229 km to Kalkan, and 65 km to Manavgat also brings together the firms that give transfer service for numerous regions of the city under its own roof. Antalya Airport that offers numerous options to its guests to come to the airport from the city center easily is very successful in terms of transportation.


One of the alternatives you can select to go to Antalya Airport from the city center is taxi. You can go to the airport directly by taxi you can find almost in all regions of Antalya.


One of the public transport alternatives to be used to go to the airport from the city center is the municipality buses called Antobus. The bus number 800 that goes from the city center to the airport will help you.

The Antobus number 800 departs from Sarisu. Kardes Kentler Boulevard-Ermenek-Rauf Denktas Avenue-Guzeloba-Barinaklar Boulevard-Metin Kasapoglu Avenue-Cebesoy Avenue-Dogu Garaji-Fahrettin Altay Avenue, Old Cemetery-Old Coach Station-100.Yil Boulevard-AKM-Migros-Ataturk Boulevard-Health Directorate-Gursu are the other stops where you get on this bus.


You can also go to the airport from the city center by using the rail system. For a fast transportation, you can use Fatih-Square-Airport line of Antray.


Havas Shuttle Buses that serve for all domestic flights are also preferred frequently to go to the airport. By these buses departing from Migros Shopping Mall car park in Antalya city center, you can go to the airport directly.

Car Rental

If you want to go to the airport privately, car rental is the most comfortable option. You can go to the airport by renting a car in Antalya that includes the world-renowned car rental companies.

General Information on Sarajevo 

The capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sarajevo is one of the most important cities of the Balkans. Its deep-rooted history going back to thousands of years ago, matchless nature, and unique buildings are Sarajevo's features that make the city peculiar. The modern city life that accompanies its intact cultural fabric, on the other hand, makes Sarajevo one of the most beautiful cities where you can build a bridge between the past and the present.

A host to important heritages of the Balkans with its history going back to the prehistoric ages, Sarajevo is a city where different religions, nations, and cultures have coexisted for thousands of years. Acquiring a different position in the history after coming under the Ottoman rule in the 15th century, the city is known to be a bridge between the Western and Eastern empires. You must definitely explore Sarajevo that has become a pleasant travel destination for its rich culture, nature, and historical heritages today.

How to go to the City Center from Sarajevo International Airport? 

Built in Sarajevo in 1969, Sarajevo International Airport (Međunarodni Aerodrom Sarajevo) is also known as Butmir Airport. Serving with an annual capacity of 800 thousand passengers, the airport is known for numerous prizes it has won, most notably the award of “Best Airport under 1 Million Passengers” granted by the Airports Council International in the year 2005. The airport, from which the international flights from Sarajevo are performed, includes the amenities like Duty Free shop, ATM, and post office as well as numerous restaurants and cafés appealing to everybody.

One of the busiest airports of the Balkans, Sarajevo International Airport welcomes millions of passengers every year. Since Sarajevo International Airport is just 9 km to the city center, it is possible to go to the city center rather quickly. There are numerous alternatives to go to the city center from the airport, such as bus, taxi, car rental.


The bus services constitute one of the transportation alternatives to go to the city center from Sarajevo International Airport. Going to the city center from the airport by bus takes 25-30 minutes on average. If you prefer riding a bus, you can go to the city center quickly by taking the bus number 31E or the trolleybus number 103, the latter departing every 5 minutes, from Dobrinja stop near Sarajevo International Airport.


Taxi is another alternative you can prefer to go to the city center from Sarajevo International Airport. You can go to the city center in a short time by taking one of the taxis parked near the exit gate of the airport.

Car Rental

You can prefer renting a car to go to the city center from Sarajevo International Airport. You can rent the car that suits you best from the world-renowned car rental firms in the airport.

What to eat in Sarajevo?

Sarajevo is one of the cities that can be visited to taste the most delicious flavors of the Balkan cuisine. So much so that Sarajevo is one of the real gourmet cities that let people enjoy a palatal feast with its rich delicious cuisine that accompanies its nature and history. In the cuisine of the city once an Ottoman territory, it is possible to see the wonderful combination of the Balkan flavors and Turkish cuisine.

Sarajevo cuisine includes wonderful local tastes from meat dishes to pastries, from desserts each more delicious than the last to handmade syrups. The Bosnian pastry and meatball varieties are the most beloved ones of these local dishes. Cevapi, Plejskavica, and Mostar meatballs are indispensables of Sarajevo cuisine. The Ajvar sauce served together with the dishes, the vegetable soup Sarajevska Supa, Bosnian haricot bean dish Grah, and Dolma sahan are the local dishes to be tasted in Sarajevo. After being satisfied with these flavors, we suggest you eat a bowl of Tufahija for a pleasant dessert tasting.

Where to stay in Sarajevo?

The capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sarajevo is one of the most visited cities of the country. The historical texture, natural beauties, and rich cuisine of the city make this place a unique tourism center. Therefore, there are numerous accommodation alternatives in every part of Sarajevo. Boutique hotels, boarding houses, and five-star premium hotels are some of the accommodation options you can find in Sarajevo.

Sarajevo is a city visited mostly for cultural travels. Therefore, the regions that are near the popular touring sites and the center of the city are preferred for accommodation, generally. The hotels and boarding houses at and around Bascarsija, the historical city center known as the heart of the city, are rather suitable for accommodation. If you would like to be in a place near the river, you can prefer the hotels in the zones such as Bistrik, Gorica, Marijin Dvor, and Ciglane.

Must-Do's in Sarajevo

With its historical buildings, cultural heritage, traditional life style peculiar to the Balkans, delicious dishes, and many other beauties, Sarajevo awaits you for a marvelous travel! Get ready to explore one of the most beautiful cities of the Balkans with Antalya-Sarajevo flight ticket you will book from AnadoluJet. Here are the must-do's of Sarajevo travel:

  • Explore the historical Bascarsija, the heart of the city where you can see the most beautiful examples of the Ottoman architecture. Remember to eat stuffed phyllo pastry and buy local products.
  • See Sebil, one of the icons of the city.
  • Walk on the Latin Bridge over the River Miljacka, where the Austro-Hungarian Crown Prince Ferdinand was assassinated.
  • Visit the National Library in Sarajevo, which was restored very successfully after the war.
  • Visit Ghazi Husrev Beg Mosque to see one of the most beautiful mosques of the Ottoman era.
  • Go for a shopping tour on Ferhadiye Avenue; buy souvenirs peculiar to Sarajevo from the stores there.
  • Visit Hope Tunnel, a survivor of Bosnian War. Witness the history of Sarajevo.
  • Taste the Bosnian pastry in the famous venues located in Sarajevo city center

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