Antalya London Flight Ticket

Antalya London Flight Ticket

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A city that is different in daytime and nighttime, and always energetic, always brilliant…London, the capital of the United Kingdom, awaits you with its unique historical heritage, architectural buildings, lush green city parks, and delicious stops. You too prepare your bags and get ready to know one of the world’s most beautiful cities! Explore London, one of the most visited cities of Europe, with AnadoluJet advantages. You can take the first step of the entertaining travel you have planned with the Antalya-London flight ticket of AnadoluJet.

The affordable and comfortable service understanding of AnadoluJet is turning the first step of your Antalya-London travel into a pleasant experience. Thanks to the baggage services, in-flight catering, and security measures, you can enjoy your London travel in the most comfortable way. The online services of AnadoluJet enable you to access the high-quality service at the most affordable prices. 
Besides, you can book your cheap flight ticket immediately over the practical online system of AnadoluJet. You can check in online without the need for going to the airport. Check AnadoluJet online system for cheap Antalya-London flight tickets, and choose the one that suits you best among Antalya-London flight ticket options.

You can also benefit from the ease of AnadoluJet online services to reserve Antalya-London flight ticket. You can reserve your flight ticket if you wish so. Antalya-London flight ticket reservation you will make through AnadoluJet online system is going to fix your ticket for you throughout the determined period. You can reserve your flight ticket anytime between 355 days and 72 hours to your flight. Crowded avenues, architectural buildings each more spectacular than the last, art galleries, and many more await you in London. Let everybody fly with AnadoluJet for a pleasant exploration tour in the glittering atmosphere of London!


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How to go to Antalya Airport from the City Center?

Connected to the city center with D400 Highway, Antalya Airport was opened to air traffic in 1996. This airport continues to serve as Europe's 12th busiest airport today. Located 13 km to the city center, Antalya Airport is one of Turkey's airports that welcome most foreign tourists. Antalya Airport that gives all its guests a high quality service with the Lounge, Duty Free, and food courts welcomes 5 million passengers a year.

Antalya Airport that is 57 km to Kemer, 200 km to Kas, 125 km to Finike and Alanya, 229 km to Kalkan, and 65 km to Manavgat also brings together the firms that give transfer service for numerous regions of the city under its own roof. Antalya Airport that offers numerous options to its guests to come to the airport from the city center easily is very successful in terms of transportation.


One of the alternatives you can select to go to Antalya Airport from the city center is taxi. You can go to the airport directly by taxi you can find almost in all regions of Antalya.


One of the public transport alternatives to be used to go to the airport from the city center is the municipality buses called Antobus. The bus number 800 that goes from the city center to the airport will help you.

The Antobus number 800 departs from Sarisu. Kardes Kentler Boulevard-Ermenek-Rauf Denktas Avenue-Guzeloba-Barinaklar Boulevard-Metin Kasapoglu Avenue-Cebesoy Avenue-Dogu Garaji-Fahrettin Altay Avenue, Old Cemetery-Old Coach Station-100.Yil Boulevard-AKM-Migros-Ataturk Boulevard-Health Directorate-Gursu are the other stops where you get on this bus.


You can also go to the airport from the city center by using the rail system. For a fast transportation, you can use Fatih-Square-Airport line of Antray.


Havas Shuttle Buses that serve for all domestic flights are also preferred frequently to go to the airport. By these buses departing from Migros Shopping Mall car park in Antalya city center, you can go to the airport directly.

Car Rental

If you want to go to the airport privately, car rental is the most comfortable option. You can go to the airport by renting a car in Antalya that includes the world-renowned car rental companies.

General Information on London

London is the capital of England and the UK and it is the most populous and busy city of the country. London is situated in southeastern England, lying astride the River Thames and assumes the responsibility of being the most important city in the country for nearly 2000 years.

Early settlements in this city date back to Roman age and this city made great progress in trade and industry in the 18th and 19th centuries. The city was heavily damaged and affected in World War II. But in our day, London is still referred to as the city of kings and queens of Europe and it is known for its unique culture, amazing urbanism, world-renown museums and architectural works.

Big Ben, London Eye, British Museum and Tower Bridge of London are to name but a few landmarks of the city. London is a magnificent travel route for travelers with its famous cuisine, local drinks, entertainment areas, iconic historical sites, streets, historical ruins and lush green areas.

How to go to the City Center from London Stansted Airport?

London Stansted Airport is the third busiest international airport in the UK and it is known for its direct flights to many destinations around the world.

The airport serves approximately 18 million passengers throughout the year and draws attention with its environmentalist approach. The airport is located 48 km away from the city center and it offers solutions to facilitate transportation to the city.


One of the most comfortable ways to reach the city center from London Stansted Airport is the rail system. Departing every 15 minutes from the airport, Stansted Express provides direct access to London Liverpool Street in 47 minutes. 

Private Shuttles

Private shuttles are at the bus terminal near the arrivals gate and they will take you to the city center. To take advantage of these services, you can book the most suitable service in advance through Looking4Transfers, which maintain contractual relations with the airport. 


Taxis are yet another means of transport from the airport to the city center. It will take you approximately 1 hour to get to the city center by taxi, which are available in front of the Arrivals Hall. But be warned, this means of transportation will not be a budget-friendly option.

Car Rental

Yet another alternative to reach the city center of London or its vicinity is to simply rent a car. You can get served by global car rental companies located at the Airport. If you book online before your flight, you can both facilitate the procedures and benefit from more economic deals.

What to eat in London?

There are so many things you should see and experience during your London travel that you will be living all your days here to the fullest. Therefore, you may get tired a bit and hungry a lot. However, you do not need to worry about what to eat, because the flavors of London are as diversified and colorful as its cultural beauties. If you are curious about British cuisine in particular, you are at the right place. Because you can find all flavors of Britain in London. This city has a dish for every palate. Other than British dishes, you can also find the most beautiful examples of the world cuisines in London. 

If you want to make a great start to the day, you can have an English breakfast. Egg is the main hero of English breakfasts. In addition to egg, sausage and bacon also occupy a quite important place in the breakfast. Additionally, you must definitely try sweet haricot bean consumed in breakfast. If you would like to eat a snack both filling and quick while continuing your London travel at full speed, you can meet fish and chips, another famous flavor of London. This snack that will make you admire the harmony of chips and fish has been consumed for very long years in England. Another quick flavor of London is salt beef bagel. This flavor made by putting canned beef salted with rock salt in bagel bread is much loved by everyone. You can call this food also served with mustard and pickle a kind of British hamburger. Another frequently preferred food in England is jacket potatoes. This flavor made by baking the potatoes includes butter, sour cream, broth, and, depending on your preference, minced meat. You can find points where you can try this flavor on all streets of the city. If you would like to eat a nice dessert after the meal, we can suggest you the sticky toffee pudding. When it is 17.00 o’clock during your London tour, do not forget to drink the famous English tea!

Where to stay in London?

For its deep-rooted history, interesting urban structure, museums, and entertainment life, London welcomes travelers in every season of the year. Therefore, there are quite many accommodation alternatives in the city. In this city where there are lots of hotel and apartment options, you can select the one that suits you best. There are many places you should see in London, and thus we suggest you stay in places near the city center. In this way, you can access the developed transportation network of London easily. However, it may be beneficial to make a reservation a certain time before your travel date for the hotels in the city center. If you would like to be close to the center and in one of the cultural districts of the city, you can prefer the hotels in the Kensington district.

If you are looking for a little bit more premium accommodation options, the hotels in the Mayfair district can meet your expectations exceedingly. In this place, you are going to be very close to the famous Oxford Avenue as well. If you want to be close to the green areas of the city, we suggest you consider the accommodation options in the Bloomsbury district. In this district, you are going to be at a walk distance to many historical buildings as well. You can find accommodation options for every budget in Soho district of the city. This place is also known as the district of theaters and hosts numerous cute venues where you can spend time with the whole family.

Must-Do's in London 

One of the world’s most famous cities, London awaits you with its iconic red phone boots, architectural buildings mesmerizing with their magnificence, shopping avenues, cafés, and restaurants. You can make a good tour in London each point of which hosts another sight. In your journey from Antalya to London, AnadoluJet will accompany you with Antalya-London flight ticket. Here are the must-do's of London travel:

  • Your first stop may be the Palace of Westminster, one of the icons of London. For the noblest exploration of London, tour the palace in the company of tour guides.
  • While you are at the Palace of Westminster, do not return without seeing the Big Ben, which is an annex to the palace. You have a photograph taken here for a nice London memory.
  • Visit the Westminster Abbey that hosts royal weddings with its Gothic architecture and deep-rooted history.
  • One of the first views that spring to mind when it comes to London is obviously the Tower Bridge. Walk across this bridge and enjoy the London view.
  • Visit the Buckingham Palace where the state affairs are carried out. If you are lucky, you can witness the changing of the guard ceremony.
  • Witness the most beautiful view of the city from the London Eye, the biggest ferris wheel of Europe.
  • Visit the British Museum that depicts the history, culture, and art of Britain.
  • Have a day full of art in The National Gallery that hosts many world-renowned artists’ most beautiful works.
  • Explore St. Paul’s Cathedral that is an architectural masterpiece
  • Go to Hyde Park for a day full of nature in the center of London. The Diana Memorial Fountain in the park and the cafés around it are worth seeing.
  • You must make sure to see the Tower of London included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visit the Tower of London and witness the British history
  • Tour the Trafalgar Square known as the heart of London. You must definitely see the monuments and statues in the square.

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