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Antalya Bremen Flight Ticket

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Bremen, one of Germany’s most visited cities in recent years, welcomes its visitors with its modern and entertaining social life accompanying its traditional texture. With its fabulously beautiful cobblestone streets, spectacular architectural buildings, and delicious German cuisine, another beauty awaits you at each point of Bremen. For a delighting Bremen travel, AnadoluJet is very close to you with Antalya-Bremen flight ticket.
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How to go to Antalya Airport from the City Center? 

Connected to the city center with D400 Highway, Antalya Airport was opened to air traffic in 1996. This airport continues to serve as Europe's 12th busiest airport today. Located 13 km to the city center, Antalya Airport is one of Turkey's airports that welcome most foreign tourists. Antalya Airport that gives all its guests a high quality service with the Lounge, Duty Free, and food courts welcomes 5 million passengers a year.

Antalya Airport that is 57 km to Kemer, 200 km to Kas, 125 km to Finike and Alanya, 229 km to Kalkan, and 65 km to Manavgat also brings together the firms that give transfer service for numerous regions of the city under its own roof. Antalya Airport that offers numerous options to its guests to come to the airport from the city center easily is very successful in terms of transportation.


One of the alternatives you can select to go to Antalya Airport from the city center is taxi. You can go to the airport directly by taxi you can find almost in all regions of Antalya.


One of the public transport alternatives to be used to go to the airport from the city center is the municipality buses called Antobus. The bus number 800 that goes from the city center to the airport will help you.

The Antobus number 800 departs from Sarisu. Kardes Kentler Boulevard-Ermenek-Rauf Denktas Avenue-Guzeloba-Barinaklar Boulevard-Metin Kasapoglu Avenue-Cebesoy Avenue-Dogu Garaji-Fahrettin Altay Avenue, Old Cemetery-Old Coach Station-100.Yil Boulevard-AKM-Migros-Ataturk Boulevard-Health Directorate-Gursu are the other stops where you get on this bus.


You can also go to the airport from the city center by using the rail system. For a fast transportation, you can use Fatih-Square-Airport line of Antray.


Havas Shuttle Buses that serve for all domestic flights are also preferred frequently to go to the airport. By these buses departing from Migros Shopping Mall car park in Antalya city center, you can go to the airport directly.

Car Rental 

If you want to go to the airport privately, car rental is the most comfortable option. You can go to the airport by renting a car in Antalya that includes the world-renowned car rental companies.

General Information on Bremen

One of the oldest cities of Germany, Bremen offers its visitors a pleasant travel opportunity with its cultural and historical heritage. One of the leading port cities of Europe, Bremen attracts visitors from all over the world in every season of the year thanks to its artistic and cultural texture. It is possible to see the historical heritage and architectural buildings that shed light on the history of Germany at numerous points of the city visited for business and touristic purposes. Bremen, which allows people to go anywhere in the city comfortably thanks to its advanced public transport network, hosts the plants of numerous world-renowned automobile brands. Even just walking the streets of this city established on both sides of the Weser River is sufficient to feel the historical texture of Bremen.

Numerous official buildings and religious buildings within the borders of the Old Town (Altstadt) are some of the most popular sights of the city. With its squares that are crowded in every season of the year, narrow streets, parks, flavor stops each more pleasant than the last, Bremen completely deserves to be included in the list of must-see cities of Germany.

How to go to the City Center from Bremen Airport? 

One of Germany’s leading port cities, Bremen plays an important role in the industry of the country. In the city that hosts the plants of numerous world-renowned automobile brands, the most preferred transport hub is Bremen airport Launched for military test flights in 1910, the airport has been used for civil aviation since 1950. Bremen Airport where reciprocal flights with numerous cities in the world are performed has one terminal building.

In the terminal building composed of three main sections, there are all means and facilities the passengers may need before their travels. Various stores, cafés and restaurants, ATMs, passenger lounges, and rent-a-car offices are available to passengers in Bremen Airport. You have numerous different options to go to many places in the city from the airport that is 3 km to the city center.


The most preferred option to go from Bremen Airport to the city center is the tramline. There are numerous tramlines going directly to the city center, or you can change in order to go to the neighboring cities. You can get on the tram number 6 from the terminal in the airport to go to the city center from the airport. With the tram number 6 departing every 10 minutes every day of the week, you can go to Hauptbahnhof railroad station in Bremen city center.


Another alternative you can use to go to Bremen city center from the airport is bus. You can go to Bremen city center by riding the bus number 52 that departs from the bus station located opposite the airport’s arrivals terminal exit gate. The buses that depart every half hour carry you to the city center in 20-25 minutes on average.


You can prefer taxi for a fast and comfortable transfer from Bremen Airport to the city center. After landing at the airport, you can go to Bremen city center by riding one of the taxis waiting for customers in front of the arrivals terminal exit gate 24 hours a day. Since the airport is rather close to the city center, you can go there in a short time.

Car Rental

For a private transport from Bremen Airport to the city center, you can rent a car. Five different world-renowned car rental firms give service in Bremen Airport. If you wish so, you can rent the vehicle that suits your budget best from these firms in hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly package. Besides, since Bremen Airport is just 3 km to the city center, the same firms also give bicycle rental service. If you wish so, you can go to Bremen city center by renting one of the bicycles available at the airport car park.

What to eat in Bremen?

Since it is a port city, Bremen is a city rather rich and assertive when it comes to seafood. In the city where you can find numerous famous flavors from every city of Germany, you can also see the traces of the cuisines of the neighboring cities. The fish caught around Bremen are indispensable for dinners in particular. If you also like to try different flavors, we suggest you try räucherfisch, herring, atherina, and eel, which are Bremen’s famous seafood. You can find dishes made with fresh seafood in numerous restaurants in Bremen.

Seafood is not the only flavor to be tasted in Bremen. Grünkohl that is made of black cabbage and one of the favorite dishes in German cuisine tastes very much like the similar flavors from Turkish cuisine. The Brunswick stew made with turkey meat for the fans of white meat, spargel, a vegetable dish made with asparagus and potato, and the meat dishes served with various sauces are some of the popular flavors in Bremen restaurants. Do not forget to buy various pastries, which are the top flavors of German cuisine, when you are in Bremen from numerous bakeries and cafés you can find at numerous points of the city!

Where to stay in Bremen?

Outstanding for its historical and cultural riches, Bremen welcomes visitors from different regions of the world every season of the year, since it is also one of the important port and industry cities. Everywhere in the city, you can find numerous accommodation options ranging from luxurious hotels to boutique boardinghouses and hostels. However, the Mitte district, which is known as the heart of the city, is the most preferred accommodation district in the city. The Mitte district located in the center of city, on the bank of the Weser River, is rather ideal for the visitors who will stay in the city for a short time and thus want to be close to the popular tour sites of the city. In Mitte that is rather close to Bremen’s famous cathedrals, marketplace, and city hall, you can find hotels that appeal to all kinds of budgets.

Another accommodation district you can prefer in the city is Neustadt. The Neustadt district preferred by those who want to be closer to Bremen Airport is known for its cultural heritage and dynamic social life. Besides, since the means of transport are rather widespread in the city, you can have a pleasant Bremen travel by lodging in the Neustadt district at more affordable prices than the Mitte district. We can suggest those who prefer budget-friendliness to location for the place they will choose to stay in Bremen the Schwachhausen district that is not much far from the city center.

Known for its more economical hotels and boardinghouses, the Schwachhausen region is rather ideal for long-term stays. However, for a pleasant and efficient travel in the city, we recommend that you prefer the Mitte and Neustadt districts that are in the city center firstly. If you wish so, you can stay at more affordable prices by making an early reservation over the Internet before visiting the city.

Must-Do's in Bremen

Established on both sides of the Weser River, Bremen is one of Germany’s oldest settlements and a city full of history. Its historical buildings included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, cafés in which the leading names of German literature had a fine time back in the days, the Monument of Bremen Musicians, named after the world-renowned fable, and many more... The list of the things you will explore in Bremen travel is rather long. In the travel you will go on with AnadoluJet Bremen flight ticket, many activities, each more pleasant than the last, await you. Here are the things you must certainly do in your Bremen travel:

  • Visit the Marktplatz square in the Old Town (Altstadt) district of the city. Shop from the market stalls installed in the important periods of the year like Christmas in the square that hosts the most famous historical buildings and cafés of the city.
  • Visit the Bremen Town Hall that is located in Marktplatz and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • See Valentin Submarine Factory that includes the military heritage of the Second World War.
  • Tour the Böttcher Avenue that is one of the most dynamic and narrowest avenues of the city. Take a break in the cafés and restaurants on the avenue after the tour.
  • See the Monument of Bremen Musicians, the world-renowned fable.
  • Visit the Glockenspiel House you will see on the Böttcher Avenue, which is one of the most interesting architectural buildings of the city.
  • Visit Bremen Overseas Museum. Examine the art and history collections in the museum that hosts another exhibition in every period.
  • Have a calm day full of green in the Rhododendron Park.
  • See the Statue of Roland that is one of the most famous works of art surviving from the medieval Germany to the present.
  • Visit Bremen Cathedral. Examine the architectural details inside the building.
  • Taste the famous seafood of Bremen cuisine in the famous restaurants of the city.

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