Ankara Medina Flight Ticket

Ankara Medina Flight Ticket

Find Affordable Ankara Medina Flight Ticket

One of the holy places in Saudi Arabia, Medina is an important visiting destination for Muslims. In the city where you can see the examples of Islamic architecture, sacred and historical heritage, a spiritual experience awaits you.

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How to go to Ankara Esenboga Airport from the City Center?

One of Turkey's doors opening to the world, Ankara Esenboga Airport has a rather heavy air traffic. At Ankara Esenboga Airport that has been serving since 1955, you can realize your domestic and international travels by the flights of the leading airline companies.

One of Turkey's biggest airports, Ankara Esenboga Airport is also known as our country's most modern and environment-friendly airport. Ankara Esenboga Airport is 28 km to the city center. Located on the border of Akyurt and Cubuk districts, restaurants, cafés, and lounges in Ankara Esenboga Airport give uninterrupted service for 24 hours a day.


Taxi is the most comfortable and fastest means of transport to Ankara Esenboga Airport from the city center. You can find the taxis that charge the same price 24 hours a day almost everywhere in the city. Although it may vary by traffic and weather conditions, it takes 40-50 minutes on average to go to Ankara Esenboga Airport from the city center by taxi.


Havas shuttle buses constitute one of the most preferred alternatives to go to the airport easily. By the services performed for all flights from Ankara Esenboga Airport, the journey to airport takes 60 minutes on average. You can use Havas shuttle buses that depart from points such as ASTI Bus Terminal Arrivals Floor platform no. 129-130, Station Avenue Eryaman High-Speed Train Station, and Pursaklar. For more information, please click here.


Public transport is one of the alternative means of transport to airport from the city center. Belko Air buses give service under the control of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. For information on the service times, routes, and fares of the buses number 442K, 442A, and 442B that depart from points such as Kizilay, ASTI, Batikent, please click here.

Car Rental

You can go to the airport through a private travel by benefiting from the options of renting a car meeting your needs from the car rental offices available in Ankara.

General Information on Medina

Medina, the most important city of Saudi Arabia along with Riyadh and Mecca, is considered a holy city by Muslims. Medina is an important route for Umrah and Hajj and it is always a crowded city since it is on a religious route.

The city came under domination Seljuks during the reign of Malik-Shah and was ruled by the Ottoman Empire thereafter. For this reason, you can also see the traces of Ottoman in the city. The following can be listed  among the most visited places of Medina, which will always maintain its importance for the Muslim world: Al-Masjid an-Nabawī (Prophetic Mosque), Masjid al-Qiblatayn (Mosque of the Two Qiblas), Masjid Qubā (Quba Mosque) and Masjid al-‘Anbarīyah (Anbariya Mosque or Hamidiye Mosque built by the Ottoman).

In Medina, you will meet great shopping venues, delicious sherbets and the greatest examples of world-renowned Arab cuisine.

How to go to the City Center from Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport?

The airport of Medina - the holy land for the Muslim- namely Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport has heavy passenger traffic. The airport is one of the best examples of modern structuring and catches attention frequent domestic flights as well as increasing number of international flights in recent years.


You can reach the city center in a short time by private shuttle buses of Medina Region Development Authority. These buses are located just outside the terminal building and journey time is 30 minutes. The price of the bus ticket arrives near the Prophetic Mosque is 10 SAR. 


You can also take a taxi as an alternative to get from the airport to the city center. If you want to take advantage of standard taxis, you can take the licensed vehicles in front of the terminal gate. Click here to get information about fares.

Car Rental

You can also opt for car- rental as an alternative to get from Medina airport to the city center. You can find car rental companies at the Meet & Greet Area - Arrivals Hall section of the airport to take advantage of this option, which offers flexibility for your short or long term travels.

What to eat in Medina?

If you think about what you can eat when you get tired and hungry during your Medina travel, let us tell you about the most popular tastes of this city right now. In Medina cuisine that includes most of the flavors of the Middle East cuisine, you can find a chance to try new recipes.

The meat and vegetable soup, which is one of the most popular tastes of the Arabian Peninsula, has a rather important place in Medina cuisine as well. Depending on your palatal delight, you can prefer either the lamb version or the veal version. If you would like to taste more familiar flavors in Medina, you can try kebab el mirou. The grilled meats are served with roasted tomatoes and peppers, as a result of which a marvelous flavor arises. The lokma dessert much loved in our country occupies an important place in Medina cuisine as well.

Where to stay in Medina?

You can find many hotel options for accommodation in Medina. In the city visited frequently by Muslims, the accommodation options have clustered around Al-Masjid an-Nabawi (The Prophet's Mosque) in general. Most of the 5-star hotels are positioned close to this mosque. The prices of the accommodation places in the city are determined based on their proximity to The Prophet's Mosque, and the prices of the hotels that are near the mosque are higher.

Must-Do's in Medina

One of the holy regions in the Middle East, Medina is a very important place for Islam. Known as “The Prophet's City”, the city is remarkable for the historical buildings built during the expansion of Islam. You can explore the city where you can still see this impressive Islamic architecture today with AnadoluJet Ankara-Medina flight ticket. Here are the places you must make sure to visit in Medina, and the indispensables of the city.

  • You must make sure to visit the Quba Masjid that is one of the most important two mosques of Medina. In addition to being the first building constructed to perform the Islamic prayer called salaat in it, this mosque is also interesting for the fact that the Prophet Muhammad had worked in its construction.
  • Another important building in the city, The Prophet's Mosque, the first mosque built after the migration from Mecca to Medina, also hosts the graves of the Prophet Muhammad and the caliphs Abu Bakr and Omar.
  • You must make sure to see the Garden of Paradise (Rawda al-Mutahhara) within The Prophet's Mosque.
  • Visit the Mount Uhud, the field of battle between Mecca and Medina.
  • Explore the pure beauty of Qiblatain Mosque built within the city walls closest to Mecca.
  • Visit Jannat al-Baqi which the Prophet Muhammad had wanted to be used as a grave site.
  • Visit Medina Museum to see the most important works of the Islamic civilization.
  • Explore Madain Saleh, a pre-Islamic archaeological site included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • Make sure to add the Hejaz Railroad Museum, the most important railroad museum of Arabia, to your travel list. 

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