Book Ankara Çanakkale Flight Ticket

Book Ankara Çanakkale Flight Ticket

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How to go to Ankara Esenboga Airport from the City Center?

One of Turkey's doors opening to the world, Ankara Esenboga Airport has a rather heavy air traffic. At Ankara Esenboga Airport that has been serving since 1955, you can realize your domestic and international travels by the flights of the leading airline companies.

One of Turkey's biggest airports, Ankara Esenboga Airport is also known as our country's most modern and environment-friendly airport. Ankara Esenboga Airport is 28 km to the city center. Located on the border of Akyurt and Cubuk districts, restaurants, cafés, and lounges in Ankara Esenboga Airport give uninterrupted service for 24 hours a day.


Taxi is the most comfortable and fastest means of transport to Ankara Esenboga Airport from the city center. You can find the taxis that charge the same price 24 hours a day almost everywhere in the city. Although it may vary by traffic and weather conditions, it takes 40-50 minutes on average to go to Ankara Esenboga Airport from the city center by taxi.


Havas shuttle buses constitute one of the most preferred alternatives to go to the airport easily. By the services performed for all flights from Ankara Esenboga Airport, the journey to airport takes 60 minutes on average. You can use Havas shuttle buses that depart from points such as ASTI Bus Terminal Arrivals Floor platform no. 129-130, Station Avenue Eryaman High-Speed Train Station, and Pursaklar. For more information, please click here.


Public transport is one of the alternative means of transport to airport from the city center. Belko Air buses give service under the control of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. For information on the service times, routes, and fares of the buses number 442K, 442A, and 442B that depart from points such as Kizilay, ASTI, Batikent, please click here.

Car Rental

You can go to the airport through a private travel by benefiting from the options of renting a car meeting your needs from the car rental offices available in Ankara.

General Information on Canakkale

Canakkale that connects the Thracian lands to the Balkan Peninsula is located on two sides of a strait, just like Istanbul. The lands of this city that hosts the strait where the Marmara Sea meets the Aegean Sea witnessed the biggest epic of our national history. Canakkale, which was one of the fronts where the fiercest battles of the First World War were fought, hosted a victory to be commemorated with pride and admiration for centuries thanks to determination of the Turkish soldier. The Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park is the best representative of those days and that spirit.

In its deep-rooted history going back to circa 5000 B.C., the city was an important center for numerous civilizations such as Troy, Assos, Persia, Rome, and Byzantium. This city that saw numerous civilizations and empires throughout its long history also has a very broad range of culture. It is possible to see the reflection of this broad culture range in the local cuisine. With its food culture that includes lots of fish and vegetables, you can find many things relating to the Aegean and Marmara cuisines in Canakkale. With its deep-rooted history, sea, nature, unique landscapes, islands, ancient city, cuisine, urban life, and warm people, Canakkale is a frequent destination for numerous domestic and foreign tourists.

How to go to the City Center from Canakkale Airport?

Providing civil transportation service since 1995, Canakkale Airport is 5 km to the city center. At the airport, direct and connecting flights are performed to numerous destinations in Turkey, reciprocal flights to Ankara and Istanbul in particular. There are various transportation alternatives to the city center and many other points of the city from Canakkale Airport.


You can consider the taxi option to go to the city center from Canakkale Airport rapidly and comfortably. It is possible to go to the city center and many other points of the city by taxi you can find any time of the day in front of the domestic flights terminal gate.


You can also prefer municipality buses to go to the city center from Canakkale Airport. By riding the bus number Ç8 that departs from the stop in front of the main entrance of Canakkale Airport, you can go to many points in the city center through the following route: Necippasa Mosque, Kordon-Iskele, Demircioglu Avenue, Ataturk Avenue, Troya Avenue, Old Tansas, Atatürk Avenue, Demircioglu Avenue, Iskele, Kordon, Necippasa Mosque.

Car Rental

You can go anywhere in the city by benefiting from the options of renting a car meeting your needs from the car rental offices available around Canakkale Airport.

What to eat in Canakkale?

Canakkale cuisine is quite richly varied. With the seafood and different salad varieties, Canakkale cuisine offers you very different tastes. The meals like ovmac soup, tarhana soup with tomato, scorpion fish and spinach soup, tumbi, stuffed spinach, cirpma, and tiken come to the fore as different tastes from the rich flora of Canakkale. Priestfish stew, salty sardine, stuffed mussels among the seafood, and sea beans, roasted red pepper, and octopus salad among the salad varieties are pleasant tastes. The famous desserts of the city are cheese halva and “mafis”.

The island food culture is influential in Canakkale cuisine. The seafood, olive oil dishes, and grape have an important place in Bozcaada cuisine. Sardine in grape leaf, tomato jam, and stinging nettle pancake are the first food names coming to mind from the island cuisine.

As is the case with Bozcaada, Gokceada cuisine is also a mixture of Turkish and Greek cuisines. Lamb roasted in oven or kid cooked with the methods special to the island are two of the important tastes offered by the island.

Fish is important in the island culture. Octopus stew in olive oil, calamari with spinach, fish roasted with potatoes in oven, sea urchin with garlic, lemon, and thyme, shrimp salad, swordfish cooked in olive oil are some of the cuisine tastes of the island. Besides, the wines made of the grapes grown in the island are also rather delicious. Tomato and black mulberry jams, efibadem cookie, mortar ground coffee, black mulberry ice cream, and mastic-gum pudding are the tastes not to be omitted by the visitors of the island.

You can drink your tea in the tea garden in the Freedom Park on the Lovers Hill that is the highest point of the city and overlook the Canakkale Strait.

Where to stay in Canakkale?

If you want to set your trip course by staying in the city center, you can stay in the historical Teacher's Lodge. Besides, the hotels in the city center will be nice preferences for the domestic and foreign tourists.

In Canakkale, the health tourism is as important as the ecotourism. If you are looking for thermal healing source, Ayvacik-Tuzla Spas are excellent options for you. In Tuzla Spas, it is possible to have mud bath in addition to hot water springs.

Assos tops the list of the places famous in coastal tourism in Ayvacik. The hotels and motels in Assos offer you an opportunity for an extraordinary holiday.

If you want to stay in Gokceada, remember that there are five Greek villages declared to be protected area and worth seeing: Derekoy, Kalekoy, Tepekoy, Zeytinli, and Eski Bademli. Gokceada has many large and small coves created by marine erosion. The most famous of them is Yildizkoy, and Yildizkoy is Turkey’s first Underwater National Park.

If you want to make a camp and pitch a tent, Aydincik coast is just for you. If you want to surf or try this sport, Aydincik coast is one of the most favorite places for surfers. You can see the tourists surfing there in almost every season of the year.

Must-Do's in Canakkale

The Ankara-Canakkale flight ticket will take you to one of the most important cities in history. Canakkale, which is very important for Turkish history, will preserve its importance forever thanks to the battle fought and the victory won there during the First World War.

In the city renowned for great battles fought there which changed the course of history since its foundation day, you will experience a deep-rooted history and the beauty of nature to your heart’s content. Canakkale, which will rest your spirit with its deep blue sea, is a city you must make sure to meet with its colorful streets and people.

  • Visit Canakkale Martyrs Cemetery and Martyrs Memorial built for our martyrs who lost their lives during the Battle of Canakkale.
  • Make sure to visit Aynali Bazaar mentioned in the folk song of Canakkale, and explore the traditional products there.
  • Enjoy the city view from Kilitbahir Fortress.
  • Walk along Kordon Boyu and see the Trojan Horse.
  • If you want to learn about the oldest history of Canakkale, visit the Trojan Museum.
  • Visit Canakkale Naval Museum to know the Battle of Canakkale better.
  • Do not forget to be photographed in front of the Clock Tower that is the icon of Canakkale.
  • While you are in Canakkale, visit the Ancient City of Assos and see the Temple of Athena.
  • Make sure to visit Bozcaada and Gokceada, and feel the Canakkale style peace.
  • After a pleasant Canakkale travel, taste the scorpion fish soup and stuffed spinach leaves, which are special to the city.

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