Ankara Basel Flight Ticket

Ankara Basel Flight Ticket

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22.75 km2



Swiss Franc (CHF)


French, Italian, German and Romansh


GMT+1 (Winter Time) - GMT+2 (Summer Time)





How to go to Ankara Esenboga Airport from the City Center?

One of Turkey's doors opening to the world, Ankara Esenboga Airport has a rather heavy air traffic. At Ankara Esenboga Airport that has been serving since 1955, you can realize your domestic and international travels by the flights of the leading airline companies.

One of Turkey's biggest airports, Ankara Esenboga Airport is also known as our country's most modern and environment-friendly airport. Ankara Esenboga Airport is 28 km to the city center. Located on the border of Akyurt and Cubuk districts, restaurants, cafés, and lounges in Ankara Esenboga Airport give uninterrupted service for 24 hours a day.


Taxi is the most comfortable and fastest means of transport to Ankara Esenboga Airport from the city center. You can find the taxis that charge the same price 24 hours a day almost everywhere in the city. Although it may vary by traffic and weather conditions, it takes 40-50 minutes on average to go to Ankara Esenboga Airport from the city center by taxi.


Havas shuttle buses constitute one of the most preferred alternatives to go to the airport easily. By the services performed for all flights from Ankara Esenboga Airport, the journey to airport takes 60 minutes on average. You can use Havas shuttle buses that depart from points such as ASTI Bus Terminal Arrivals Floor platform no. 129-130, Station Avenue Eryaman High-Speed Train Station, and Pursaklar. For more information, please click here.


Public transport is one of the alternative means of transport to airport from the city center. Belko Air buses give service under the control of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. For information on the service times, routes, and fares of the buses number 442K, 442A, and 442B that depart from points such as Kizilay, ASTI, Batikent, please click here.

Car Rental

You can go to the airport through a private travel by benefiting from the options of renting a car meeting your needs from the car rental offices available in Ankara.

General Information on Basel

Basel, Switzerland's most populous city after Zürich and Geneva, comes to prominence with its deep-rooted history and movements keeping pace with modernism. Divided into two as Lesser Basel and Greater Basel by the River Rhine, the city offers its visitors a wonderful atmosphere with views from its bridges. The Greater Basel side of the city is a region that preserves all its historical grandiose while the Lesser Basel side reflects the modern city understanding.

Basel, which was part of the Holy Roman Empire in the 13th century and whose history goes back to the 5th century B.C., is very important for the European history. Therefore, very valuable museums, marvelous architectural structures meet you in the city. You must definitely explore this city that has the University of Basel, Switzerland's oldest university, a marvelous cuisine, enthusiastic events in summer, and wonderful streets.

How to go to the City Center from Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport?

The common airport of the cities Basel of Switzerland, Freiburg of Germany and Mulhouse of France, Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport is always busy for it is the airline field for 3 cities and has a marvelous location.

The construction of the airport was started in 1930 but stopped because of the Second World War. In 1946, the construction was resumed, and the airport was put into service the same year.

Since it is just 6 km to Basel city center, the transportation is rather easy. There are numerous public transportation vehicles from Basel Airport to the city center.


You can take the bus number BVB 50 to go to the city center from Basel Airport. This bus takes you to Basel city center in 23 minutes. By the same bus, you can go to Bahnhof SBB Train Station in 17 minutes. In this way, you can go uptown and Germany by train.

The bus that departs every 10 minutes from 04.53 to 00.35 o’clock every day is just outside the terminal. The tickets are sold at the BVB booths in the airport.


Since it is just 6 km from the airport to the city center, you can also use taxi as an alternative. You can be in Basel city center in 12 minutes by taxi depending on the traffic and the weather conditions. The stands of the French and Swiss taxi firms are just outside the main terminal.

Car Rental

Renting a car from the international car rental firms in the airport is another option. You can choose this option to be able to go to the city center or any region you want by a car private to you.

What to eat in Basel?

The clean air, interesting exploration routes, and peaceful atmosphere of Basel may cause you to get hungry quickly. If you want to try delicious dishes during your travels, you are at the right place. The best representative of Swiss cuisine is Basel city, which is one of the world’s smallest metropolises. You can find the traditional Basel dishes in almost all restaurants in the city. These traditional recipes dominated by cheese especially will offer you a journey full of flavor.

Malakoff is one of the most preferred snacks in Switzerland. Prepared by frying the cheese balls in oil, Malakoff is both a quick and delicious food. You can prefer this flavor as a snack during your tour as well as ordering it together with your main course. Cordon bleu, a Swiss snack of French origin, is also eaten here a lot. The meats stuffed with bacon and yellow cheese are breaded and fried, in consequence of which a unique flavor emerges. Although mostly veal is used for cordon bleu, you can find its chicken version as well. We suggest you eat rösti during your breakfasts in Basel. This dish made of potato can be preferred for a nice start to the day.

You must taste Switzerland’s most famous cheeses while you are in Basel. You must try the raclette and Emmental cheeses. If you are one of those who always start a meal with soup, Basler mehlsuppe can offer you everything you expect from a soup. You can prefer this soup that is both delicious and filling as lunch as well. If you would like to eat a light dessert on full stomach, you must taste the cherry cake that is rather popular in Basel. But before that, keep the Swiss chocolates you can find almost everywhere always with you!

Where to stay in Basel?

There are many places to see in Basel, the city of art and history. Therefore, it is rather important where you stay. Being close to museums, historical sites, and shopping areas in Basel will make everything easier for you. Basel has accommodation alternatives for every budget. Of the city divided into 7 main zones, Clara, Old Town Kleinbasel, and Old Town Grossbasel are three of the most preferred accommodation zones. You can go to the central points of the city from all of these zones with mass transport very easily. If you want to be within a walking distance of the places you want to see, you can prefer one of the hotels in the City Centre region.

Must-Do's in Basel

After booking Ankara-Basel flight ticket, get ready for a marvelous city exploration. Let’s have a look at the sine qua non of this beautiful city that is both peaceful and impossible for you to get bored.

  • Start to explore the city from Marktplatz, the exact heart of the city. You must make sure to see the Basel Town Hall that will grab your attention the moment you set your foot in this square.
  • Explore the Old Town region of the city to relive the history of Basel. The medieval buildings you will see while walking on the streets will mesmerize you.
  • Visit the Basel Cathedral that is one of the icons of the city.
  • Make sure to see Spalentor, one of the most spectacular buildings of the city. You should not return without taking a picture of this structure known as the gate of Basel.
  • Visit the Paper Mill Museum to witness the development of paper and printing press that are the biggest two inventions of the humanity.
  • If you want to examine the Basel art in detail, visit the Beyeler Museum.
  • If it is not enough for you to watch the River Rhine that gives the most beautiful view of the city from the bankside, take a boat tour.
  • The next stop is the biggest park of Basel: Kannenfeldpark. You can go on a nice nature walk here and then take a break in the cute café in the park.
  • Visit Kunstmuseum to see Switzerland’s most important paintings.
  • Finally, do not return without tasting the Swiss chocolate that is one of the most famous products of Switzerland.

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