Ağrı Flight Ticket

Ağrı Flight Ticket

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General Information on Agri

Located in the Eastern Anatolia Region, Agri is a strong name in cultural tourism with many historical buildings it includes for the reason that it has been home to many civilizations. With its local tastes, fascinating landscapes, and historical places, Agri hosts many beauties worth seeing within its borders.

Known to be geologically convenient for many branches of tourism, Agri stands out with its climate and geography convenient for winter tourism. In this city located on the road of civilizations, it is possible to find numerous handicraft products decorated with authentic patterns as well as a unique cuisine. And of course, the Mount Agri (Ararat), the legend of the city... Turkey’s highest and the most majestic mountain, which is located in this city, is the icon of the city.

How to go to the City Center from Agri Ahmed-i Hani Airport?

Put into service in 1997, Ahmed-i Hani Airport is 9 km to the city center. Located to the south of the city, Ahmed-i Hani Airport provides the neighboring cities with transportation service as well, for it is just 1 km to Agri-Van Highway. At the airport that is open to domestic flights only, Ankara and Istanbul flights are performed. At Agri Ahmed-i Hani Airport, it is possible to benefit from numerous alternatives to go to the city center.


Taxi is the fastest way to the city center from Agri Ahmed-i Hani Airport. You can travel rapidly and comfortably with the taxis that will save you time depending on the traffic density. You can go to the city center in 10-15 minutes by taxi you can find 24/7 at the airport.

Municipality Buses

The municipality buses constitute another alternative to go to the city center. You can go to the city center from Ahmed-i Hani Airport by riding the white line buses that wait ready for each flight. The travel on this line takes 25-30 minutes approximately.

Passenger Shuttle Buses

The shuttle buses that provide transfer to the city center and the neighboring cities are available at the terminal gate of Ahmed-i Hani Airport. These shuttle buses that give transfer service for each flight are operated by different tour companies and provide transfer to the places like Malazgirt, Dogubeyazit, and Patnos.

Car Rental

Rent-a-car is the most comfortable option to go to the city center as well as for your travels in the city. You can rent the right car for you from the car rental offices in Ahmed-i Hani Airport terminal building, and have a comfortable means of transport during your travel. You can benefit from car rental options before going to the airport through online reservation.

What to eat in Agri?

The traditional food culture and the meat dishes and pastries special to the Eastern Anatolia Region manifest themselves frequently in Agri cuisine as well. “Abdigor”, which is the local meal of Dogubeyazit district, is one of them. The meat pieces selected carefully to make abdigor are tenderized for a long time by using wooden mallets. The meats combined with the mixture prepared and vegetables are shaped into balls and served on rice.

It is impossible to omit tandoor while talking about meat. The meats obtained from the animals grazing in the natural pastures of the region are cooked in large cauldrons or earthenware casserole pots on wood fire. The casserole special to Agri is called “halise”.

Spit-roasted lamb, kelledos, bugulama, tandoor, and kavurma whet the appetite of the people who like meat dishes. Bulgur and wheat are two of the most used grain types in the kitchen. “Rabepe” that is a breakfast food with cheese is prepared by cooking flour, butter, string cheese, and water altogether. “Rabepe” that is eaten with “ciris kete” in particular is consumed largely in Agri cuisine. Besides, the meals and desserts made of handmade cheeses impress with their tastes. “Hasuda”, which is prepared by adding flour and syrup into boiling oil in pan, is one of the traditional desserts. “Murtaga” prepared with milk, flour, walnut, hazelnut, sugar, and oil is another delicious dessert.

Where to stay in Agri?

In Agri, there are rather different accommodation options ranging from boutique hotels to multi-star hotels, from thermal facilities to local boarding houses. In the center and around Dogubeyazit, which is the number one address for the tourists, small boarding houses that offer boutique accommodation opportunities draw the attention. You can find cute accommodation venues created through restoration of old buildings and houses. In Diyadin located within the provincial borders of Agri, there are thermal hotels that offer various comfort facilities. The accommodation facilities where the healing spa waters are given to common pools and private room bathrooms are mostly preferred by the visitors coming for health tourism.

Thanks to its high altitude, long winter season, and heights convenient for skiing, it is possible to do winter sports in Agri. Guneykaya Ski Center offers an ideal environment for both professional skiers and newbies with its intermediate and difficult runs. There are ski equipment rental offices, cafés, and restaurants in the facility. Besides, there are also hotels that offer one-day and full-stay accommodation opportunities in the ski center. In the city center and the spa region in particular, there are modern hotels that offer services and facilities like Wi-Fi, telephone, TV, mini bar, sauna, fitness center, and food serving.

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