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Book Abu Dhabi Flight Ticket

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The capital and shining star of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is a city that has successfully blended its deep-rooted culture with modernism. Connected to the mainland with 3 big bridges, though it is an island, this city has the richest oil reserve of the region.

Having a developed economy thanks to its oil revenues and trade connections, Abu Dhabi also has a colorful atmosphere with its culture-art, entertainment, and sports events. Its marvelous sea, 8 kilometer-long coastline, and the luxurious hotels/restaurants on that coastline give a summary of the city life.

In this city that hosts modern and splendid buildings like Etihad Towers, Sun and Sky Towers, Gate Towers, Coin Building, Emirates Palace, there are also magnificent shopping malls, parks, and beaches. You must explore this geography that makes both vacation and business trip beautiful absolutely.


972 km2




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GMT+2 (Kış saati) - GMT+3 (Yaz Saati)




How to go to the City Center from Abu Dhabi Airport?

Having reflected luxury, comfort, and splendor in the whole city life, Abu Dhabi preserves its position with regard to airport as well. Targeting to become one of the leading airports of the world, Abu Dhabi Airport serves over 102 destinations in 56 countries. The second biggest airport of the United Arab Emirates, the facility is 30 km to the city center. There are lots of transportation options to go to the city from the airport. With them, you can go to the region you want to visit easily.


You can go to the central points of the city by taking a bus from Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3. You can ride the buses X81, 240, 211, 490, and A1 for a 30-35 minute-long ride to the city center. You can find these buses departing from the airport every 40 minutes throughout 24 hours at the blue and white bus stops at the terminal exits.


Taxi is one of the most comfortable ways of going to the city center from Abu Dhabi Airport. You can go to the city center by taking one of the taxis waiting at the taxi stands marked on the sidewalks of the Terminals 1 and 3. The taxis departing from these terminals are top segment automobiles. For a more economical taxi ride, you can prefer the vehicles at Terminal 2.

Car Rental

The economical or luxurious car rental options await you at the airport. You can rent a car from the world-renowned car rental firms in Skypark Plaza across the Terminal 3.

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