Astana Flight Ticket

Astana Flight Ticket

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Astana General Information

Astana is the capital and second largest city of Kazakhstan. Built on the banks of the Ishim River, the city was chosen as the capital to move the country’s population density from the south to the north. It was built in a cosmopolitan city structure with its modern city structure and settlement.

Astana Sights to See

Astana is a city rich in history and culture. For sightseeing enthusiasts, Baytarak Tower, Khan Shatyr, Palace of Tolerance and Peace, National Museum, Nur Astana Mosque, Astana Opera, Dostoevsky's house can be added to your travel guide.

Astana Natural Beauties

Astana is home to stunningly beautiful mountains, lakes and landscapes. For this reason, Kazakhstan can be called the land of natural wonders. Kazakhstan is a country on the Caspian Sea, one third of which is covered with mountains. If we talk about its natural beauties, Lake Balkhash, Lake Kaindy, Lake Aral, Valley of Stone Balls, Altyn-Emel National Park, Korgalzhyn Biosphere Reserve can be listed. Due to its geographical features, it can be said to have a genuine nature where you can see many animal species together.

Astana Eating and Drinking

If we talk about the local dishes you can eat in Astana, Beshbarmak, Lagman, Plov, Bavursak, Pelmeni, Beet soup, Kimiz can be listed.

Astana Shopping

You can find souvenirs, authentic products, and antique shops in Astana. Luxury shopping centers include Keruen center, Asia Park, Mega Astana, Arujan shopping and entertainment complex, Khan Shatyr trade and entertainment center.

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