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Almaty Flight Ticket

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Almaty General Information

It is the most populous city in the southeast of Kazakhstan. Almaty is also the former capital of Kazakhstan and one of the most developed cosmopolitan cities in Central Asia with its dense population and dynamic urban structure.

Almaty Sights to See

Located in the south of Kazakhstan, the former capital Almaty is also known as the most developed city in Central Asia. Despite being the former capital, Almaty is still the largest and most developed city in the country and is rich in both historical and natural beauties. If you ask where to visit and see in Almaty, we can list Almaty Republic Square, Panfilov Park, Zenkov Cathedral, Green Market, Great Almaty Lake, Kök Töbe, and State Central Museum.

Almaty Natural Beauties

Almaty is a dynamic city surrounded by lush green trees. In terms of winter tourism, Çimbulak ski center can be called indispensable for ski enthusiasts. The view of the Great Almaty Lake is also awe-inspiring.

Almaty Eating and Drinking

It is possible to find the most magnificent varieties of meat dishes in Kazakh cuisine. Due to the influence of Turkish, Uzbek, and Georgian cuisines, it is possible to taste Uzbek pilaf, pastry, and all kinds of bread in Kazakhstan. To give examples of local dishes, you can add Kazakh soup, Kurdak, Besparmak, Uyghur Dumpling, and Kimiz, the traditional drink of the ancient Turks, to the list of traditional flavors you can try.

Almaty Shopping

Almaty has numerous public markets and modern shopping centers. We can say that you can buy dried nuts, spices, and local flavors that you have never seen before at very reasonable prices in the markets where you can reach all kinds of modern and local products and meet your needs.

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