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Hatay Flight Ticket

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The city of peace, fraternity, and tolerance... It is not a coincidence that these are the first three words coming to mind when it comes to Hatay. The fact that different beliefs and cultures have been living together in peace and fraternity for years has made Hatay a completely different city. If the term "mosaic of cultures" will be used to define a city, that city must be Hatay. Hatay is one of the oldest settlements in our country. The experts state that the history of settlement in Hatay goes back to the middle paleolithic age, i.e. circa 100,000 B.C. Home to numerous civilizations thanks to its deep-rooted history, even the Olympiads have been organized in Hatay. Hatay does not only attract the history enthusiasts; it is also a very active city in religious tourism, as it accommodates the symbols like complexes, monasteries, mosques, tombs from numerous religions. Besides, there are also thermal tourism and tableland tourism in the city. When it comes to Hatay, the first local taste coming to mind is kunafah. However, the Hatay tastes like Oruk, Iskenderun Kebab, Humus, Fellah Ball, Muhammara, Mutebbel, Sisperek Soup, Hettus Salad, Pepper Bread, Kombe, Kebab in Paper, Zahter Salad, Spinach Borani, Surk also attract the tourists' attentions. With all these excellent features, it is hard to explore Hatay in a month, let alone a week.


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General Information on Hatay

Standing out with its cuisine and history, Hatay is located in the north of the Mediterranean, by the Asi River, and has a long border with Syria. With its history going back to 40,000 B.C., Hatay is one of Turkey’s oldest settlements.

It is possible to find a real mosaic of cultures in these fertile lands that have embraced numerous civilizations and beliefs in the history. The most famous taste of Hatay, which is a brand with its cuisine in addition to its deep-rooted history and unique nature, is kanafeh. In addition to wide-ranging food culture of Hatay that has become an indispensable destination for gourmets and flavor tourists, its museums, historical buildings, and natural beauties are also worth seeing. Samandag Coast, which is one of the most beautiful coasts of the region, is both ideal for swimming and used frequently for surfing.

How to go to the City Center from Hatay Airport?

Providing civil air transport service since 2007, Hatay Airport functions as a bridge for numerous points in Turkey and the world with its terminals for domestic and international flights. Located 27 km to the city center, Hatay Airport is 45 km to Iskenderun, 25 km to Kirikhan and 41 km to Reyhanli. You can find numerous options to go to the city center and any point you want in the city from this airport that is attention-grabbing for its gradually increasing passenger traffic.


You can prefer the taxi alternative for a fast and comfortable transfer to the city center. You can go to the city center and anywhere in the city you want by taxi you can find easily any time of the day in front of Hatay Airport domestic and international flights arrivals terminals exits. You can go to the city center from Hatay Airport by taxi in 40 minutes on average.


Havas shuttle buses will help you with your transfer from Hatay Airport to the city center. Havas shuttle buses depart 25 minutes after the landing of the aircraft. You can go to Antakya and Iskenderun directly by riding the buses departing from the terminal exits. 

Car Rental

With the car rental service you can obtain from numerous car rental firms at Hatay Airport, you can go anywhere you want in the city and the neighboring cities comfortably. You can ensure that your car is prepared in advance by booking one online before arriving at Hatay Airport, and when you have completed your travels, you can deliver your vehicle to the car rental office from which you have received service.

What to eat in Hatay?

Hatay has transferred its cultural and historical richness to its cuisine culture as well and offers you a rather wide-ranging spectrum for your palatal delight. Among the tastes each of which is more beautiful than the others, authentic breakfasts, different appetizers, and kebab varieties come to the fore. Houmous favored across Turkey has a special place in Hatay. Hatay citizens eat houmous not as an appetizer but in breakfast. It is thought that the houmous eaten in the morning helps to stay full during the day. In Hatay, there are even shops that sell only houmous. Another food eaten in every city across the country but made more and more delicious with a different interpretation in Hatay is spinning kebab. Differently from the other cities, the spinning kebab is served in a pita thicker than lavash in Hatay. The tomato paste sauce spread on this pita and the sauce poured on the spinning kebab, on the other hand, are the details that make Hatay style spinning kebab irresistible. Among Hatay specialties, there is “kombe” that resembles filo pastry but made of rolled-out dough instead of filo dough and cooked between two sheet iron plates. Kombe types are named on the basis of the ingredients used between the doughs. Potato kombe, herb kombe, and minced-meat kombe are liked by the tourists a lot.

Like Hatay meals, Hatay desserts are also legendary for their tastes. Kanafeh that is eaten after the kebabs in particular is the most beloved taste in the region. Kanafeh is prepared by placing salt-free Hatay cheese between two layers of kadaifi and pouring syrup on the dessert. Kanafeh that is served hot is one of the most delicious ways to end your meal. Another sweet taste special to Hatay is “haytali”. Haytali dessert is served with the milk ice cream topping the pudding made of corn flour and milk and rose water that adds a special touch to the dessert. The appearance of this light and cool dessert is also interesting. Although haytali is confused with bici bici dessert frequently, these two are different tastes.

Where to stay in Hatay?

Since Hatay is a big city, there are numerous places to see. Therefore, while planning your Hatay visit, you may want to ensure that the place where you will stay is close to the locations you want to visit. You may consider utilizing the shopping and cultural opportunities in the region by staying in Antakya, the central district of Hatay. In Antakya which is one of the districts of Hatay where the traffic is heaviest, there are all kinds of accommodation facilities ranging from 5-star hotels to small boarding houses. A large part of the tourists visiting Hatay prefer to be close to the sea by staying in Iskenderun. You can both enjoy sea and sun and have a cultural holiday by staying in the regions standing out with their beaches and sea facilities like Iskenderun and Arsuz. In Hatay, you can stay in 5-star luxurious hotels or the boutique hotels and boarding houses made of old Hatay houses that reflect the past of the region.

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