Elazığ Flight Ticket

Elazığ Flight Ticket

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Renowned for saz (a Turkish stringed musical instrument) masters, upright halay (a Turkish folk dance), Harput Fortress, Elazig is one of the most beautiful cities of the Eastern Anatolia, whose history goes back to 2000 B.C. Thanks to Harput Fortress, Keban Dam, Hazar Lake, Circir Waterfalls, Buzluk Cave, and numerous tombs, we can regard this city as a cultural and religious outdoor museum. Like any Eastern Anatolian city, Elazig is also renowned for its meat dishes. We recommend you not to return from the city without tasting the flavors like Harput Meatball, Stuffed Lamb Ribs, Roasted Dried Fruit Roll-up, Dark Roasted Meat, Ayran Soup, Cheese Bread, and eating Harput bread (stone bread) dessert.

Rather high number of tourists visiting the city has increased more thanks to Elazig Airport opened to civil flights in 1960. It is possible to book flight ticket at very affordable prices from AnadoluJet. If you follow the flight ticket campaigns by visiting its website frequently, you can go to this historical city at incredibly affordable prices. 


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General Information on Elazig

Elazig has been one of the most important settlements in the Eastern Anatolia Region throughout the history. In this city that has hosted different civilizations throughout its history going back to circa 2000 B.C., it is possible to find the traces of numerous different cultures.

Since it also includes Turkey's biggest hydroelectric power plant, Elazig is regarded as an important point in industry as well as agriculture for Turkey. Thanks to its unique nature, deep-rooted history, fields convenient for winter sports, historical traces from numerous civilizations, and local cuisine, Elazig is a good travel option for the tourists who look for different experiences.

How to go to the City Center from Elazig Airport?

Providing service since 1940, Elazig Airport is 12 km to the city center. Located on Elazig-Diyarbakir highway, the airport started to serve both domestic and international flights by meeting the international standards with its runway renewed in 2009. There are many options to go to the city center and the neighboring cities from Elazig Airport that is the biggest airport of the Eastern Anatolia Region.


You can prefer taxi for a comfortable transfer from Elazig Airport to the city center. Although it may vary by traffic conditions, it takes 20 minutes on average to go to the city center by taxi you can find in front of the airport terminal exits easily.


Another option for direct transfer from Elazig Airport to the city center is Havas buses. It takes 30 minutes on average to go to the city center by Havas bus that departs 25 minutes after each landing at the airport. For the route, departure times, and ticket fares, please click here.

Car Rental

If you are looking for a personal transfer alternative from Elazig Airport to the city center, you can rent a car. With the car rental service you can receive from the renowned car rental firms in the airport, you can go to any point in the city and the neighboring cities.

What to eat in Elazig?

Being the center of different civilizations for centuries and having a cuisine blended with different cultures, Elazig keeps this richness alive with almost 200 different types of meals. When you come to the city that offers numerous tastes ranging from meat dishes to pastries, desserts to cookies, your stomach will rejoice. The only thing you should do is to visit different restaurants to taste the meals that delight your palate.

The marvelous taste created by mixing bulgur and low-fat minced meat and cooking that mixture in tomato-paste-added water, Harput Meatball is one of the first meals you must taste when you come to this city. The basil in the meatball will give a different taste to the meal and make you feel better.

Gomme made by placing the meat chopped finely to make minced meat or meat for roasting in the hand-spread dough tops the list of the traditional Elazig meals. Prepared in both houses and restaurants, Gomme is consumed more frequently in the winter months.

When you come across a restaurant that cooks home meals during your city tour, we recommend you eat one portion of dilim dolma. Differently from normal stuffed vegetables, this meal is prepared by cooking the filler made into meatball-like consistence together with pepper, eggplant, and some other similar vegetables, as served as such.

If you like syrupy desserts and would like to re-energize yourself after a tiresome Elazig tour, remember to taste Dolanger. Generally made for festivals and special days, this dessert has high nutritional value for including plenty of walnuts and the nutrients its sweet dough includes.

Where to stay in Elazig?

Regardless of when you visit Elazig, either summer or winter months, you will have the same beautiful travel experience. In the city, which is rather rich in terms of the accommodation facilities where you can relieve the fatigue of the day, there are numerous hotels in the city center and the districts, some of which are chain hotels. If you will visit the Hazar Lake or the Hazarbaba Ski Center during your city travel, you may want to stay in the hotels with lake view. The hotels you can select to have peaceful times in an environment where the green meets the blue have numerous facilities like air-conditioner, TV set, music broadcast, etc.

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