The Youth from Near and Far Sides of Turkey Discovers the Future with Jetgenç

The Youth from Near and Far Sides of Turkey Discovers the Future with Jetgenç

24.02.2016 The Youth from Near and Far Sides of Turkey Discovers the Future with Jetgenç

The first event of the "Jetgenç 2030 Seminars" organized by AnadoluJet's youth platform Jetgenç with the Futurists Association of Turkey will take place on 4 March at Cyprus Near East University. The series of seminars based on the "Human 2030" report, prepared for the first time in Turkey and examining the situation of the world changing towards the 2030s, will continue to be organized in many universities in Turkey.

February 23, 2016, Ankara;

2030 Seminars continue with Jetgenç. The seminar's calendar for 2016 starts with the Cyprus Near East University in March.

Seminars based on a special report titled "Human 2030" which was realized in the sponsorship of AnadoluJet's youth platform Jetgenç and was prepared in cooperation with the Turkey Futurists Association and the Institute of Innovation Research of Manchester University, invite the university youths to take a quick look at the future with anime characters such as Climate Police Nazlı, Social Media Engineer Eda, Time Manager Tankut and Data Banker Merve. Bringing young people to a fun future journey with both short introduction film about the anime heroes' adventures and interesting information, seminars introduce the universities to the future professions and important predictions about the future.

This year, seminars to be held at seven universities within the scope of six cities will be organized at Cyprus Eastern Mediterranean University on March 4 Konya Selçuk University on March 10 İzmir Ege University on March 10 Denizli Pamukkale University on March 18 İstanbul Yıldız Technical University on March 29 Bursa Uludağ University on March 31 and İstanbul Yeditepe University on April 20.

The "Human 2030" report, which is the subject of the seminars, aims to inform every individual and every institution of society about the future, the pace of change, the uncertainties and the opportunities that this uncertainties reveals and consists of five main parts. The first section includes global and regional trends that will affect Turkey as well. These trends are assessed under the headings of 'Society and Culture', 'Science and Technology', 'Energy', 'Environment and Economy' and 'Geo-Politics and Security'. The second, third and fourth sections of the report examine the social life of human, the interaction with the natural environment and the business life, respectively, in a long-term perspective. It is scrutinized how it is proceeded towards 2030s with the changes in the quality and style of individual and social life that emerged from technology, social and cultural life, value judgments and economic developments. Syntheses are produced in the fifth and final part of the report by giving examples from the life sections of human profiles in 2030.

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