International Flights Updated from Antalya, Dalaman and Bodrum!

International Flights Updated from Antalya, Dalaman and Bodrum!

02.06.2021 International Flights Updated from Antalya, Dalaman and Bodrum!

With AnadoluJet, now it’s possible to travel from Antalya, Bodrum, and Dalaman to Europe, the Balkans, and many cities of the Middle-East. You can go on a pleasant journey to the Mediterranean and Aegean from the popular cities of Europe, the Balkans, and the Middle-East with AnadoluJet which increases the number of tourism-oriented international flights and will fly from 19 new destinations to Antalya, Dalaman and Bodrum with 102 flights in total on weekly basis.

Beirut, the city where the modern and traditional texture of the Middle East is blended; Sofia, Sarajevo, Skopje, and Pristina, favorite cities of the Balkan Peninsula; Europe’s fun-filled cities Amsterdam, Hannover, Birmingham, Odesa, and Kyiv are with you with AnadoluJet’s new Mediterranean & Aegean flights!

The new reciprocal international flights from our tourism regions updated as of April 22nd, 2021 along with the summer schedule.

For a comfortable and pleasant journey during your planned travel from the Mediterranean and Aegean to the new international routes, you can visit the AnadoluJet website or plan your travel on the mobile app. You can access all information such as places to visit, accommodation places, famous dishes that you may need in the city you plan to travel on the city guides page that we prepared for you.

As AnadoluJet, we are aware of your sensitivity to travel during the pandemic and we continue to serve with increased hygiene and security measures to ensure a safe journey. You can learn about the precautions that are taken for healthy and safe travel from the Safe Travel Standards video that we prepared for you.

To prevent problems that may occur in your travel plans during the pandemic period, we introduce you “flexible travel” advantages such as making changes on your ticket without penalty or open ticket right to prevent the problems that may occur in your plans. You can learn about the flexible travel advantages that are specially offered for you on the “flexible ticket rights” page.

Antalya Baghdad May, 12th Monday, Wednesday
Antalya Skopje May, 16th Monday, Webnesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Antalya Sofia May, 22nd Wednesday, Saturday
Antalya Sarajevo May, 28th Monday, Webnesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
Antalya Tel Aviv June, 1st Daily
Antalya Berlin June, 5th Saturday, Sunday
Antalya Sulaymaniyah June, 18th Monday, Friday
Antalya London (Stansted) June, 19th Daily
Antalya Baku June, 20th Tuesday, Sunday
Antalya Hamburg June, 25th Monday, Friday, Sunday
Antalya Hanover June, 25th Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Antalya Bremen June, 26th Saturday
Antalya Birmingham July, 1st Daily
Antalya Beirut July, 2nd Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
Antalya Brussels July, 2nd Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Antalya Zurich July, 2nd Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Antalya Stuttgart July, 3rd Saturday
Antalya Amsterdam July, 9th Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Dalaman Kyiv April, 29th Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Dalaman Tel Aviv June, 13rd Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
Dalaman Amman June, 14th Monday, Thursday
Dalaman London (Stansted) June, 19th Daily
Dalaman Odesa July, 1st Thursday, Sunday
Dalaman Birmingham July, 1st Daily
Dalaman Beirut July, 1st Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Dalaman Amsterdam July, 10th Tuesday, Saturday
Bodrum Skopje June, 3rd Monday, Thursday
Bodrum Sarajevo June, 7th Monday
Bodrum Amman June, 13rd Thursday, Sunday
Bodrum Pristina June, 19th Saturday
Bodrum London (Stansted) June, 21st Monday, Tuesday, Friday
Bodrum Beirut July, 1st Thursday, Sunday
Bodrum Amsterdam July, 10th Tuesday, Saturday

* Flight days may vary periodically.

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