Additional Rights Due to COVID-19

Additional Rights Due to COVID-19

Additional Rights Granted For Passengers Who Were/Will Be Unable to Board Due to COVID-19

Passengers who were unable to board the scheduled AnadoluJet flights between June 11, 2020 and February 28, 2023 because they were not accepted by the destination country and/or have a positive COVID-19 test result and/or unable to board their flights because of the PCR test applied for flights arriving to Türkiye, may change their ticket, request a refund, change their ticket to an open ticket, or extend the validity of their ticket.

If the ticket is issued on or before March 31, 2023;

Ticket change, changing a ticket to an open ticket and refund transactions can be completed once in accordance with the terms and conditions of the flight and regardless of the fare rules.

Change Requests

You can change tickets for AnadoluJet flights until March 31, 2023 (including) without a fee, provided that your destination is in the same flight zone and your flight is in the same cabin.

Refund Requests

You can obtain your refund without paying a fee for individual and group tickets on AnadoluJet flights.

You can change your ticket to an open ticket and extend the validity of your ticket until March 31, 2023 (including), without paying an additional fee.

You can perform your ticket change/return transactions by applying to Turkish Airlines sales offices with a document showing the situation that prevents your travel or you can reach us feedback form. You can perform your change-to-open ticket transactions through Turkish Airlines sales offices, the call center, and the agencies from which the ticket was purchased.

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