AnadoluJet Magazine

December 2018


The Best Of The Year On Anatolıan Roads

Gezici (Traveling) Festival takes cinema lovers on a journey

Evgeny Grınko In Istanbul

The famous pianist, who consolidated his fame by taking

The People Of Yusuf Franko

The Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations...

Sky Over Berlın

Pilot Galeri is hosting Çağrı Saray’s solo exhibition "Sky Over...

Quılts Smellıng Of Mothballs

Quilts smelling of mothballs that have made it to our day w

Tıme For Şefika Kutluer

Lively and notable performances will be presented to art lovers...

Nadıne Shah

Drawing attention by her nomination for the Mercury Awards for...

A Platform For The New Generatıon Of Artısts: Base

The platform for new generation artists BASE will be

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