Adıyaman Flight Ticket

Adıyaman Flight Ticket

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General Information on Adiyaman

One of the oldest settlements in the Southeastern Anatolia Region, Adiyaman is a strong cultural tourism point that has hosted numerous civilizations. An archaeological research site for the scientists in recent years, this city is in the center of attention of the domestic and foreign tourists for its nature, enchanting scenes, buildings that belong to its deep-rooted history, and unique cuisine.

Adiyaman stands out in numerous areas such as health, hunting sport, etc. as well as the cultural heritages mentioned together with the city and now the symbols of the city. Accepted as an alternative tourism point, Adiyaman hosts not only the Turkish travelers but also the foreign tourists.

How to go to the City Center from Adiyaman Airport?

Adiyaman Airport, where only the domestic flights are performed, has been active and one of the most important airports of the region since 1998. Adiyaman Airport, which provides both Adiyaman and the neighboring cities with air transportation, is 22 km to the city center and capable of serving 1 million passengers a year. You can find many alternatives to get to the city center from Adiyaman Airport where you will land.


You can go to the city center in a short time by taxi, which is the fastest and the most comfortable transportation option you can select to go to the city center from Adiyaman Airport. The taxis that serve 24/7 are available in front of the passenger exits of the airport terminal. You can be in the city center in 20-25 minutes on average by taxi.

Passenger Shuttles

Another alternative means of transportation that can be used to go to the city center is the passenger shuttles. You can go to the city center from the airport comfortably by riding a passenger shuttle bus. 

Car Rental

You can rent a car from the car rental offices available at Adiyaman Airport.

What to eat in Adiyaman?

Renowned for its local meals each of which is more delicious than the others, Adiyaman cuisine gets much credit from the visitors. Onion, garlic, parsley, eggplant, tomato, and tomato paste play a crucial role in Adiyaman meals, for which the spices are extremely important. In the city that has a wide-ranging cuisine conspicuous for its vegetable and meat dishes alike, it is very easy to find a meal that delights your palate. You can try the local tastes like "Adiyaman pan-frying", "finger kebab", "stuffed meatballs", "cigkofte (steak tartar a la turca)”, "meatball with pennyroyal", "tene halva", "pitipiti soup", "cold lebeniye soup" in Adiyaman. If you do not prefer the red meat, you can eat the fish varieties in the restaurants on the shore of the dam lake in Kahta district. You can both get rest and meet excellently delicious meals during your travel with numerous local meals you will definitely want to try while you are in this beautiful city that has peculiar tastes. The meat dishes mostly served with rice, the delicious syrupy desserts offered after the meals can be added to your list of unforgettable things from the region in addition to the must-see places.

In addition to the restaurants where you can find the local tastes, there are also small cafeterias in the city. You can also enjoy these places where you can sip your coffee, tea, or fruit juice and take a breath during your breaks from traveling.

Where to stay in Adiyaman?

Close to tourist attractions, Adiyaman city center, Kahta, Golbasi, and Besni districts include many affordable accommodation places. Thanks to the hotels that are no less than your home for their comfort, services, and scenes, and offer you the peace you desire, you can have a comfortable and efficient cultural travel. In addition to hotels, it is also possible to stay in boarding houses and guest houses that constitute a rather affordable option for those who have a lower budget for accommodation.

It is possible to go to the sights easily by preferring the hotels and guest houses that are near the transportation network; you can have more time to travel by saving time. You can also prefer the hotels that organize musical entertainment and various events at nights and weekends, thus giving some color to your holiday. The accommodation facilities where you can relieve the fatigue of the day serve as per the concepts of "all inclusive" or "half-board".

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