Adana Flight Ticket

Adana Flight Ticket

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General Information on Adana

A developed city of the Mediterranean and home to the Seyhan and Ceyhan rivers, Adana is located 30 km inside the Mediterranean coast. Adana is one of Turkey’s most important travel locations thanks to being a home to numerous civilizations throughout its history and its delicious cuisine.

Adana, which is a rather developed and modern city, is one of Turkey’s biggest industrial cities. Its nature, citrus gardens, unique historical texture, international festivals, and delicious cuisine make Adana worth seeing.

How to go to the City Center from Adana Sakirpasa Airport?

Adana Sakirpasa Airport where direct flights are performed to numerous destinations in Turkey and the world is the airport that provides also the neighboring cities with domestic and international flights. Used since 1937, Adana Sakirpasa Airport has the heaviest air traffic in Cukurova Region and the East Mediterranean. Adana Sakirpasa Airport, where the domestic and international flights of Osmaniye and Mersin as well as Adana are also performed, is 5 km to the city center. Therefore, the transportation between the airport and the city is rather easy and includes many alternatives.


Taxi is the most comfortable and fastest means of transport from Adana Sakirpasa Airport to the city center. Thanks to closeness of the airport to the city center, you can go to numerous transportation points at affordable prices. You can go to the city center by taking a taxi from the taxi stands in front of the arrivals exit gate of the airport as well as the taxis available in front of the main entrance of the airport.


The minibuses that depart to the city center from Adana Sakirpasa Airport frequently constitute a fast transfer alternative. You can go to different neighborhoods of Adana directly by minibus that runs on the airport - city center and square route at 5-minute intervals.

Municipality Buses

The transfer alternatives from Adana Sakirpasa Airport to the city center also include the municipality buses. You can go to the city center, Turhan Cemal Beriker Boulevard that connects to Girne Boulevard, Cukurova University and many central points by riding the buses you can get on from the stops in front of the airport exit. You can also go to the city center by riding the bus number 135 and go to Seyhan Application Hospital by riding the bus number 159. Using these buses that serve from 06.00 to 23.00 o’clock every day is a fast and comfortable option to go to Adana city center.


You can go to Osmaniye and Mersin by riding Havas buses that depart from Adana Sakirpasa Airport. Havas, which provides a fast and comfortable alternative for intercity travel, is an indispensable transport option for numerous travelers. 

Car Rental

Adana Sakirpasa Airport offers those who want to travel by private car various options. It is possible to rent a car by booking one online before arriving at the airport. Apart from that, you can travel, your mind at peace, by leaving your car at Adana Sakirpasa Airport that has a car park for 569 vehicles.

What to eat in Adana?

In the city that has a food culture that combines Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines, thus forming one of the most important cuisines of the world, numerous tastes are offered together. Although the first meal that springs to mind when it comes to Adana is “Adana kebab”, the city leaves an incredible taste in the mouths with many different tastes. The world-renowned kebab made of meat minced finely by using a knife called “zirh”, and the taste of which is addictive, is the most important taste of this cuisine. Although it is generally eaten together with the Mediterranean salads and vegetables, the delicious turnip juice types grown in the city also accompany the Adana kebab. “Adana (small) lahmacun” offered as an appetizer before the main dishes, “stuffed meatballs” the taste of which is legendary, “cigkofte”, which is also one of the famous tastes of Adana though it is of Antep origin, and “houmous” made of chickpea and pastrami are some of the tastes you must try in this city.

Another of the tastes special to the region is “mumbar (stuffed sheep sausages)”. Although its appearance is rather interesting, it has an incredible taste. “Kirkkat dolma” made with forty layers, “fellah meatball” prepared with fine bulgur, “kedibatmaz” prepared with corn flour and goose meat cooked until it becomes very soft, “kaz basi” made of the most delicious parts of lamb meat are the other tastes you must try in your city travel. Adana is famous for its drinks as well as its meals. “Bici bici” that is a taste special to Adana and made of starch pudding cut in form shape and served in ice syrup and ice, cream-thick “Misis ayran”, “aslama” made of licorice, and turnip juice are just some of the drink varieties in the city. When you add “yellow burma dessert” that is the rival of baklava and “karakus” dessert made with walnuts placed in layers of dough, Adana becomes a paradise for the food lovers.

Where to stay in Adana?

There are numerous accommodation options across the city, which you can select from among depending on the reason of your visit and your location. Luxurious hotels, boarding houses, apart-hotel rooms, and mansions are some of the accommodation options you can have during your Adana visit. You can make your city tour more pleasant and entertaining with numerous accommodation options that appeal to different budgets and requirements. You can also stay the night in chalets and mansions in the highlands, or make Adana visit in nature by camping in your tent in the permitted areas.

Must-Do's in Adana

After booking Adana flight ticket, a city that will enchant you with its unique cuisine, advanced social life, and strong history will meet you. There are things you must do to visit this city thoroughly:

  • Have yourself photographed on the Stone Bridge that has enabled people to cross the River Seyhan to Yuregir for hundreds of years.
  • Shop in Coppersmiths Bazaar. See the Great Clock Tower while you are there.
  • Make sure that your travel plan includes Sabanci Central Mosque, Adana Ataturk House Museum, and Saint Paul Church.
  • Eat Adana kebab in kebab restaurants in the city center. Enjoy bici bici dessert after the kebab.
  • Taste sirdan and liver in Adana.
  • Make sure to try banana milk of Kazim Buffet.

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