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Area: 17.253 km²
Population: 1.849.478 (2000)
Monetary Unit: Turkish Lira
Phone Code: +90 322
Time Zone: Standard Time : GMT +3
Summer Time : GMT +4
Language: Turkish
Web Site:

Adana Airport
Address :Adana Airport 01330 Adana/TURKEY
Phone :+90 322 435 03 80

Taking place on the ways connecting Europe to Asia, Adana is located on the Cukurova (savanna) and is situated in the Mediterranean Region at the south of Turkey. With a history tracing back to 6000 B.C., the city with a coast of 160 km to the Mediterranean Sea is the cradle of countless civilisations, from the Hittite Empire to the Ottoman Empire. Adana is the 5th biggest city in Turkey and has 13 county. Settled on a wet and fertile land, Adana is a fantastic place granted by nature too generously.


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Tourist Attractions

Adana is enthralling and alluring due to being eligible for cultural, historical and religious belief tourism and scenic beauties. The availability of many historical artifacts, bridges, mosques, churches, public houses, Turkish baths, museums, castles, caravansaries (inn with a large courtyard), Silk Road passing through the city and the perfectly convenient natural circumstances presented by the high areas of Toros Mountains make you feel yourself within a dreamy land.

The historical Stone Bridge which connects the west and east side of Adana was built in A.C. 394.

Seyhan and Ceyhan Rivers, Yedi Goller (Seven Lakes) at the top of Toros, unique plateaus, bird paradises and thermal places are the fantastic benefactions from the natural fabric of Adana.

Adana Archeology Museum established in 1924 at the center of the city (one of the ten oldest museums of Turkey), Ethnography Museum at Kurukopru, Ataturk Museum on Seyhan Street and Misis Mosaic Museum between Adana and Ceyhan on the historical Silk Road are crucial museums contributing to the cultural and historical accumulations of the city. You should also see the Misis and Karasus Archaic Cities.

Sabanci Central Mosque which is the biggest mosque of Turkey and Middle East was opened in 1998 and is located at the coast of Seyhan River. You should travel the Central Park in which the mosque is placed.  

The old Adana Houses, especially at Tas Kopru and Tepebag, are one of the cultural facets peculiar to Adana.

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Culture & Entertainment

As a consequence of fertile lands and geographical position, Adana had been a residential area for a great deal of civilisations. It is absolutely true to say that Cukurova culture is the total of the cultural fractions from these societies. When visiting Adana, you will witness and have the chance of experiencing lots of cultural centers. Adana Il Halk Library (Adana City Public Library), Cagdas Cocuk (Civilised Child) Library, Mehmet Sabanci Cocuk (Child) Library and State Fine Arts Gallery are the most important ones within the borders of city.

Altin Koza Culture and Art Festival, Cukurova State Symphony Orchestra, traditional folklor as a significant fragment of the local culture, cinemas and theatres are the core constituents of the endemic culture.

The conventional handicrafts, especially in the rural areas, is pretty pervasive. The most popular ones are carpets, kilims, clothes, bags and booms.

The beaches at Karatas and Yumurtalik along the city's Mediterranean coast are the most amusing places for seaside entertainment.

The available dam and barrage lakes give you the opportunities of rafting (especially Goksu), fishery (especially Seyhan and Ceyhan) and surfing.

In the hillside of Toros Mountains, wild goats and deers are available for hunting. The animal producing plants are existed at this area to serve this aim.

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Food & Drink

Being much moved by different cultures, Adana cuisine is considerably rich. Spices, flour, meat, boiled and pounded wheat are the main ingredients of food. The use of curd, cheese, yogurt and milk is prevalent.

While cereals, wheat and agriculture form the basics of economic activities leguminous seeds, vegetables and fruits are also amply found in the cuisine of the city as a consequence of Adana to be in the Mediterranean region.

Adana is famous with its kebab. You should certainly taste Adana Kebab.

Famous foods

Soup: Hayir (benefection) soup, yuzuk (ring) soap, toga, topalak (hamis)

Kofte (meatball): Cig kofte, icli kofte, hircikli kofte, kisir, sarmisakli (garlic) kofte

Pilaf/Vegetables: Komec lapa, eksili pancar, acebek 

Pastry foods: Bread with spices, setikli bread, sikma, gozleme

Meat foods: Biryan kebab, cigirtlak kebab, sis kebab, adana kebab

Lettuces: Muammara, haydari, babahannus, humus, bartafit, vartabi

Famous desserts;

Kunefe (flour, cheese, sugar), bandirma (walnut, starch, grape,sugar), bici bici, karkus, kaynar, paliza

Famous drinks;

Salgam, aslama (licorice) and ayran (drink made of yogurt and water)
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Handloom is the most favoured handicraft special to Adana. You should buy carpets, kilims and rugs embroidered with amusing motives. If you need regular shopping M1 Shopping Center, Carrefour Shopping Center, Adana Galleria, Ziyapasa Avenue, Gazipasa Avenue and Ataturk Avenue are the most popular places for shopping in the city. Also, you can visit American Bazaar located at the city center and Misir Bazaar.

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