Online Check-in

This service is available for all passengers who has ticketed reservation. Station list of Online check-in can be displayed on AnadoluJet internet web page : Online Check-in process starts 24 hours before flight departure time and the last 90 minutes to flight departure time, for maximum 8 passengers in the same reservation record (PNR).


Step by step Online Check-In:

1. step : Start Screen:

Beside the name information, passenger can get their Online check-in process by using either Electronic Ticket number or reservation code (PNR) only. By clicking the related check box Online process can be started for only the written name even if there are more then one passenger exists on reservation record;

2. step : Passenger and Flight detail Screen:

  • All online check-in suitable flights will be listed on this screen for choosing then by clicking confirm button next screen can be displayed. In case of having more than 1 passenger on the same reservation record, passengers will be able to select the passengers who are going to be online checked-in. At least 8 passengers can be checked-in in 1 entry. All the flights which are suitable for Online check in will process through to the last point/ In addition; there are some other facilities such as adding the Miles&Smiles card info / seat change for checked passenger / Printing Online Boarding Pass for checked passenger can be used from this screen as well. Also other links related Online check-in are located on this screen.
  • 3. step : Check In process and choosing seat
  • Travel class seat plan will appear on the screen according to choosen passenger and flight sequence. Passengers are able to choose their seats on the seat plan by clicking onto the desired seats. If passengers have connecting flights all seat plans to the related flights will appear in sequence and all seat requests can be finalized like this . Passengers, with pre-selected seats via reservation; can see their seat numbers next to the names, but will not be able to change that seat selection while check-in proccess. Those passenger can change the selcted seat by using seat change link at the end of process screen if requested.  
  • After confirming the check-in process, there will be a screen which gives information of, suggested time of arriving to the airport as the passengers flight route, check in counter number of getting boarding card and delivering baggage. Beside of this; according to passenger request, email address and/or mobile phone numbers can be entered on then online check-in confirmation will be sent to.  

4.step : Printing boarding pass

Passengers with Electronic tickets, who have completed their check-in procedures via our web site for Online Boarding Pass eligible stations are able to print their boarding passes in .pdf format (size A4) by their own personal computers.

For printing boarding pass Adope Acrobat reader must be downloaded to your personel computer.

If the holder of the credit card by which the ticket has been issued is not one of the passengers, the system will not allow boarding passes to be produced.

It will not be an option to change their seats during Online Check-in for the passengers who have already printed their boarding passes.

Passengers who loose their printed boarding passes are going to be able to re-print them with the same seat number or ask for the boarding passes at the check-in counters on the flight date.

Flight information

The system will show all available flights on the passenger record. 

Through check-in

If the onwards flight/flights in the same day is/are recorded in PNR, all flights will be appeared on the screen and check-in transactions will be provided for the all segments in the flights in accordance with the automatic through check-in regulations.   

Return check-in 

The system, as considering flight information in PNR record, will provide “Return Check-in Facility” for the passengers if the return flight is in the same day and if confirmed by passengers, return check-in will be done. 

Baggage information

  • During check-in process , baggage info is not asked.
  • Passenger who have baggage, can get their baggage tags from airport check-in counters.

Seat Map Information

Seats selection process will provided for passenger’s travel class.

During seat selection, the alternatives which are provided to the passengers are in parallel with existing check-in procedures. Transit seats, infant seats, emergency exits etc are provided to passengers in accordance with the rules.

During online check-in process, seat selection will not provided to the passengers who have already seat selection in reservation record and it will be remined by the system.

Completing Check-in process and warnings:

After selecting “confirm” button, check-in process will be completed and the passenger will be informed about what time passenger will be at airprot according to the flight routine and in which counter desk will provides boarding card / accepts the baggage. These warning will be different for domestic and international flights in accordance with all existing regulations.
Attached warning example is for a domestic Y class passenger departed from IST: 


  • • All passengers are to apply to the contour desk with Online Check-In plate.
  • • To get your boarding pass(es) we recommend you to use our Self Check-in kiosks.
  • • All passengers should take boarding cards and finish baggage process minimum 45 minutes before departure time.
  • • If you take the ticket at airport or if your ticket has to be revalidated, you should apply to the Sales Office 1 hour before the departure time.
  • You may have excess baggage. So please plan your time to transport to airport in consideration with time of excees baggage payments.
  • • If you have a Miles&Smiles mileage account, your miles will be credited 2 days after your flight's departure date.
  • • AnadoluJet has the right to change your seat selection which has been done during online check-in for the operational reasons.
  • • To get the approval e-mail of your check-in process please fill the e-mail field and then click to Send.
  • • To get your check-in process approval to your mobile phone as sms please enter your phone number and then click Send button. 

Cancellation of check-in process

To cancel Online Check-in please contact to + 90 212 444 2 538 (444 A JET) ext 4-2-1.
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